Still Life {Take 3}

Alrighty, this week’s Still Life project with Cheryl McCain involved taking three items and arranging them pleasingly and photographing away. Since editing kinda slipped away from me this evening and my newly put in place “goal” to wake up at least a little earlier than the little ones causes me to need to be in bed not much later than 10:00PM, a mere 16 minutes from now as I write, I think I’ll be posting the photos I came up with, but without too much background info.

1(a) small


Shot #2 (because I decided I needed to play around with these objects just a little bit more)

sideways small

Now that it’s up, the background looks a little greyer than I thought… hmmm… something to work on.

Shot #3 (this was an accidental shot). I had it way overexposed, but I actually kinda like it. I did a little bit of tweaking and added a small amount of soft focus.

bright, small

And that’s all for tonight folks. What’s your favorite?

BTW: Quickest post ever as it’s now 9:52PM.

Oh, P.S. I finally figured out how to do a watermark ! Only took me two or three separate sessions (months apart) to figure it out.



8 thoughts on “Still Life {Take 3}

  1. I think I like shot # 2 the best, although it would be better with less background, I think. But I’m no photographer.

    Do you also read your Bible every day? How about a shot with a Bible? See if you can do something more original than all those greeting cards with Bibles on them!

    Love, Grandma

    1. Well, that’s the thing about photography, there’s more than one way to prefer a photograph (more white space or less).

      I do actually read my Bible everyday (a few weeks back the priest challenged us to read straight from the Bible, everyday) actually I very rarely read a prayer book as one we have (pictured here) is in Latin and the other is in slightly older English (not so easy to read, especially with kids).

      I was going for “old” in these pictures and I don’t have an “old-looking” Bible… Maybe I should go look for something….

      Love, Ruth Anne

  2. Interesting. I wouldn’t have guessed that the photo was over exposed. What a happy accident. Tbat is my favorite of the three as well as ghe composition if the shot.

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