Theme Thursday {barn}

Errrmmmmm….. Yeah, so I live in the inner city. As in, my nearest neighbor is approximately 10 feet to the left of my house (and we share a driveway). (My other nearest neighbor is about 15 feet to the right of my house, just FYI). So, there aren’t any barns here. Well, maybe there are, but I’ve never heard of or seen any. Definitely none of those big huge barns that I notice on road trips.

What I did remember I had a picture of was this falling down barn located somewhere in the “country” in my neighboring state of Connecticut. It was taken… well, actually I’m not sure exactly, but the date on the back of the photograph (like, the good old fashioned, photograph) said 2005. I snapped it while waiting on my brother and a friend of his.

After much hassle of scanning it into the computer (I thought for about 0.39 seconds to be all fancy-schmansy and scan the negative, but then I saw the pile of negatives and dismissed that idea…) and probably too much time getting an edited version of the picture I liked I came up with this:


I’m pretty sure I took it from across the road, and at the time wasn’t brave enough to go walking through someone’s yard to get a more interesting shot, from the looks of the place, they probably wouldn’t have minded… But I did have fun playing with textures as it’s something I just figured out how to do.

Better luck next week with getting a more “newer” photo 🙂

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