Small Success Thursday/7QT’s mashup

I saw someone else pull this trick out the bag a few weeks ago, and LOVED the idea. I love the community of 7QT and really love the challenge of SST give me of coming up with ways that God has blessed me in the last week. (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, so often we focus on the negatives in life – or at least that’s what gets highlighted – and there are so many little blessings God give us each day, sometimes we just have to look for them.)


1. Lumen Fidei The Light of Faith by Pope Francis. I know this came out months ago, but it was listed as an available book to review for one of my reviewer sites, and I picked it as I really wanted to read it (and I have a hard time reading these on the Vatican website). I’ll be making a “real” review in the next week, once I finish it (hopefully today). But in the meantime, it’s been full of little things here and there that have been like water for my soul.

2. Textures. Photography and (sometimes) editing is one of the ways I relax. And it’s been fun to add “being able to use textures (since I figured out how to do them)” to my repertoire of “things I can do with a photograph”.

Show of hands:

Do you all like to see all the photo posts mixed in with the “life” posts? or is it too much, should I make a photo-specific blog? I started to work on one the other day, but got a little frustrated with it, and decided I didn’t have enough content and it wouldn’t be worth it, but I recently found a few other photo-link ups that I’d like to participate in so that may make this blog too photo-post heavy? I’d really like to keep this place where I can do the “life” posts, but for me photo-posts are mixed in with life, but don’t know if that may be too much for one space….

Ok…. stop rambling… onto something else

3. Seton info package. Really having a hard time realizing the Katherine might be kindergarten age this fall (I know I could definitely wait until next year), but really? She might be? When did my baby girl get so “old”? Anyways, I requested info for Seton, since that’s what we’ll be using (*gulp*), and yes, I know that I’m super duper early for this, but I’m curious and I want to get a head start on stuff (mostly, how much it costs and how we’ll pay for it). I tend to be really, really great at planning extremely far ahead, then really, really bad at following those plans once it’s “time”.

4. Understanding bosses. The kind that talk you into your value as a member of the company… and also the kind that generously loan $$ to cover expenses while your husband is out with a broken tail bone (it’s *almost* better now). {For those that don’t know, I work for my dad.}

5. Neighbors. The neighbors that share our driveway have girls roughly the same age as Katherine and John. We haven’t seen them much this winter, but they were able to play together this week. The kids loved it, and since they were playing over there, I was able to have about an hour of kid-free time in the middle of the day :). I also was thinking last night how much of a blessing these particular neighbors have been. The mom was a great support last fall with everything that was going on and just being able to have someone close to talk to, it’s been so great. I remember when the house was empty, I was a little nervous about who would move there (you never know in this part of the city), and I prayed and prayed. I don’t think I could have specified anything better 🙂

6. Great News! Unfortunately, it’s not mine to disclose :(, so the specifics of what it actually is will just have to wait. But, YAY!!!

7. Photo. No post of mine would be complete without a photo (oh, wait, except for two that didn’t get anything… but we’ll just ignore that detail). karl and computer WMSo happy for kids and their imaginative play. Also when they play by themselves for extended lengths of time. Also for old computer pieces that get turned into toys 🙂

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I'd love to hear your thoughts on what I've just posted. I do read and truly appreciate all comments. They make me smile!

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