Still Life Photography {week 5}

Good evening all. In this week still life class with Cheryl McCain, we’re focusing on complementary colors and shadows. Well, I spent a good portion of this afternoon trying to come up with something that was “complementary” in colors…. then realized that I had been thinking “contrasting colors” in my head not “complementary”…….. mmmmm, yeah, maybe staying up until 11:30 last night wasn’t such a great idea. Anywhos, after I figured out my mistake things went a *little* easier.

After all my shooting and editing I came up with the following:

bowl and cups (small)

I can’t say that I super impressed with it, but I do think the brown and pink complement each other nicely (I spent a long time coming up with this color combo). The brown cups are part of a tea set my mom picked up for me years ago on one of her excursions to a thrift store. I saw them sitting on the shelf and thought “well, they’re different and brown, I can do something with them”. I was having a really hard time with the complementing color though. First I had them on a green background (which I’ve been trying to edit into something showable, but the computer is resisting this evening and my patience is just about used up with it), needless to say, it wasn’t working there.

I was basically looking around for something, anything that could go with brown and I saw the pink concrete flower pot Jared made me for one of the gift giving occasions.

It was hard because of the vast difference in texture of the cups and flower pot. Rough vs. smooth/shiny vs. dull/light vs. dark. I like the way the plain background of the burlap just keeps things a bit simpler.

I am learning. And I’m doing a lot more “seeing” of the picture while taking it, so that’s always a good thing. And I had fun with one of Kim Klassen’s textures – so sorry, I didn’t take notes, and I don’t remember now which one I used {Mental note: note post processing so as to pass on correct info}



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