Theme Thursday {church windows}

I almost had to go back to my archives to find a suitable photo for today’s TT post. But, I ended up going downtown to the bank today and this church is on the way back through town and decided I didn’t have any excuses to stop for a few minutes.




I suppose if I were to get technical, these would be photos of the Cathedral of Sts Peter and Paul, and not necessarily church windows. But, church windows there are in these photos.

This isn’t my church and I’ve only ever been inside for Christmas Even Mass. My church doesn’t have fancy windows, which is fine, I never even really thought about until this post came up. I enjoyed taking a few minutes walking around the building. If I hadn’t been just a teensy bit pressed for time, I would have gone inside. One of these days I will.

Head over to Cari’s to find more church window pictures!


2 thoughts on “Theme Thursday {church windows}

    1. I saw the sun flare setting when I was walking back to the car, I was “done” snapping pictures. But I think it’s my favorite too.
      Thanks for stopping by!
      ~Ruth Anne

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