Moments of Grace {2}


Thanking God for….

~ Uneventful traveling over the last few days (we’re safely in GA, and plan to be here until the end of the week)
~ (Relatively) warm weather here. I for one will not complain about 50’s in the middle of February
~ Sisters-in-law who purchased me a pair of boots (can you believe, the last few winters I haven’t had any boots?)
~ Medicine to ease the constant coughing of Katherine
~ Time with family
~ Seeing Jared so relaxed (always happens when we get back to GA)
~ Daily Mass

Praying for…

My father-in-law: he’s been in hospice for the last few weeks, but last Sunday (9th) he was aspirating while on his feeding tube, so it was decided to remove it. He’s been on the steady decline. I haven’t seen him, but Jared said he’s looking pretty bad. On top of basically not eating (he’s still receiving fluids as far as I know), he’s stopped breathing a couple of times, then he starts back up. So, to my non-medical knowledge, that tells me he probably doesn’t have many days left. Also praying for the rest of the in-laws, as when he does go it will hit them harder than it will hit me (they all seem to be doing well, all things considered).

Katherine’s cough, which seems to be settling more and more into her chest. She’s been resting quite bit and has spent some time playing outside, but she’s really not feeling well. Also, that no one else gets sick.

Listening to….

Jared and Hannah trying to figure out the Wii.


Praying for Your Husband from Head to Toe – Sharon Jaynes (also doing a review on this one). Still working my way through, may or may not finish…. I keep finding myself disagreeing with the author.
Mansfield Park – Jane Austen
Bread and Wine: A Love Letter to Life Around the Table with Recipes – Shauna Niequist


Life and Death. And how to explain it to my children

Looking Ahead…

Seeing my other brother- and sister- in-law and niece (who I haven’t met yet) tomorrow (or Wednesday). Writing a couple more blog posts. Reading while on “vacation”. Enjoying the warm weather while we’re here (I keep hearing of more snow at home and it doesn’t exactly make me jump for joy at the thought of going back to that). Taking Darlena and Josiah’s engagement photos (hopefully we’ll make it while I’m here).


kids, J, and E smallThe kids, with Grandmama Holloway and daddy 🙂
~Ruth Anne

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4 thoughts on “Moments of Grace {2}

  1. Can I tell you how good God is? Someone literally just said to me “Have you read that book about praying for your husband?” And I said no. They could not remember the title and here it is on your blog. WOOHOO.
    Praying for you all.
    I know how hard that is.


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