Sunday Snapshot {trip to GA}

Well, it’s been a while folks (or a while for me, since I usually post much more often than once a week). Anyways, last Friday (14th), we up and left to Georgia on two-days notice which left precious little time for getting ready and planning to be away for a week and basically no time for blogging. We were there for just about a week, and after 17 hours and 2 days of being in the car we’re back home.

Thank you all who have been praying for our family. My father-in-law passed away yesterday in the wee hours of the morning. We won’t be able to attend the Memorial Service due to Jared’s probation and court ordered classes (that can’t keep being missed). Details on the memorial service can be found here. Overall I feel that everyone is handling his passing well. It has been a very long good-bye and although a sad event, there’s a lot of peace that comes with it being over.

Overall it was a very nice trip. The weather was great (I mean, can’t get much better than temps in the 60s in mid-February). We had a nice time with the family and we were able to meet a niece who we haven’t met :).

The first night we spent with my cousin, his wife and their two girls in South Carolina (yup, that was a total of 14hours in the car for one day…). Once the kids got over being at someone’s house they didn’t know, they had a great time.

playing doctor
candy land
playing candy land with Grandmama and Aunt Hannah
she figured out how to climb this tree and loved it
she figured out how to climb this tree and loved it
we got one of us!
we got one of us!
these boys loved this pond
these boys loved this pond

kat and lanie 2 kat and lanie(couldn’t decide which one I liked most so I put them both)

(Katherine and Lanie-Jane – cousins)

4 cousins
all the Holloway cousins – can’t tell they’re related at. all.

We did a short trip up to the Trappist Monastery of the Holy Spirit. I think it may have been my first sight-seeing trip in Georgia.

Monastery of the Holy Spirit
Monastery of the Holy Spirit



not sure of her fascination with kneelers, but it’s so sweet to see 🙂

And, that’s gonna wrap things up for this week’s photo post.

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