Moments of Grace {3}


Thanking God for….

~ My mom, who comes and watches the kids while I go to work.
~ Doctors (especially the best pediatrician!)
~ Benedryl and Vicks
~ Impromptu family dinners
~ That it’s almost spring
~ My children’s imaginative play

Praying for…

Everyone ’round here gets better; we’ve been kindly passing around a cold for the last two weeks.

Listening to….

My children “attempt” to have a few minutes of quiet sitting down time.


Mansfield Park – Jane Austen (still)
When did I get like this? – Amy Wilson
A mommy-memoir kind of book. I’m mostly done with it. It’s been a fun quick read. But, I love books that show a peak into another mommy’s life, maybe that’s why I love blogs so much 🙂

Set Free: The Authentic Catholic Women’s Guide to Forgiveness – Genevieve Kineke
This was recommended in a women’s group at church. The first few chapters have been a little on the hard side to grasp (but that may totally be because I’ve been trying to read it while sick, exhausted or traveling or some combination of all three). I read a bit last night and it seemed a lot easier to grasp. Other than that, I haven’t read enough to have much of an opinion on it.

Side note: on the last Moments of Grace, there were a few comments regarding the Praying for Your Husband book. I know I didn’t respond to them, but I did write a review of the book if you’re interested in looking into my thoughts on it.


O God, whose mercies are without number, and whose goodness is an inexhaustible treasure, I give You thanks for the gifts You have given me, evermore beseeching Your goodness, that while You hear the prayers of all who ask, You also prepare them for the blessings yet to come.


I believe this prayer is attributed to St Padre Pio. Please someone correct me if I’m wrong.

In the kitchen…

So, I decided to make meat loaf for dinner tonight. Nothing fancy, right? and pretty easy. Well, I grabbed what I though was a little baggy of frozen celery (we had an overabundance last summer/fall so I froze some of it) and put it in the mixture. I’m stirring away and realize that I don’t think they were celery, but I DO think they were little hot green peppers…. So, ummm, we’ll see how that turns out.

I’m all for experimental cooking, but I do have a slight dislike for hot spicy stuffs. Maybe the freezer took some of the spiciness? Guess we’ll find out.

Looking Ahead…

Planting starter seeds for the garden. I have big plans for our teeny tiny garden space this year. Oh, and ice skating this Wednesday with my sister.



Meat loaf is done, kids are well past being quiet so I must go for now!
~Ruth Anne

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3 thoughts on “Moments of Grace {3}

  1. How did it go with the meatloaf?
    And can’t wait to hear about your garden.
    Hoping you all feel better.

    1. Actually, as far as meatloaf goes it turned out ok. It added a little variety to the taste.
      We seem to be mostly over the cold now, just a random cough here or there.
      ~Ruth Anne

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