Make it different!

Yikes folks. Here it is already a few days into Lent and I’m still working on getting my stuff together….. *Sigh*

I’ve felt a lot that this Lent I’m supposed to be focusing on the quiet.

I’m having a hard time choosing anything specific to give up, so I decided to just let that one go in terms of food-related. I’ll give up the normal cookies, snacking and stuff, and I’ll be keeping the abstinences required by the Church, but I don’t feel particularly drawn to give up anything else. Except Facebook on my phone, it snuck back on while we were gone a few weeks ago, and while I haven’t exactly fallen back into it like I had in the past, I can tell if I keep it on, I’ll get there. So off it shall go. I’ll also be limiting my FB time in general.

While I was praying about what to “do” this Lent, the only thing I heard in reply was “Draw closer to Me”. So I think I’ll just be focusing on being more intentional about my prayer times and reading the Bible.

Also, along the lines of “being quiet” I’m going to focus on not yelling.

The “spiritual” reading I’ve chosen to do is: Sacred Space for Lent 2014, by the Irish Jesuit priests.

With the little ones
(again, still getting my act together)

We’ll be doing this calendar from Catholic Icing

Also I want to work on learning the Angelus with the kids (and I’ll be honest, I could work on it too, I mostly just stumble through it when I’m at Mass early enough to participate).

And finally, we’ll be doing a Stations of the Cross box again. We did this last year and I think it worked OK. Again, this was helpful for me to because my “Stations of the Cross” were rusty to say the least. (I initially got the idea from this site) We used one of the printouts from this site, but if I remember correctly we got a little bogged down last year with it, maybe the kids were just a little too young. So, we’ll try again this year. I also would like to take them to at least on Stations of the Cross service at Church.

I also would like to cover our crosses and crucifixes, but I need to go get find some purple cloth first.

This is also the first year that I’m having the kids participate in giving up cookies, candies and treats (at least at home, they spend a few hours a week with Papa and they have him wrapped so tightly around their finger that they may end up with a few “sneak ins”).

And that about wraps up the “Activity” portion.

It doesn’t seem like much when I look at it, but I keep trying to remember the words our Priest spoke on Ash Wednesday I think it was. He challenged us to just in some way make this time different than the other seasons. Even if it was just a little thing. Make it different. Set it apart. This doesn’t sound huge, but for me where I am right now, this second, this is what I need to hear and this is what I’m focusing on.

I expect the little ones back home any minute with the neighbor kids, so I must run.

This post is part of the Keep LOVE in Lent link up over at Catholic Bloggers Network (link in the photo below)

 Keep Love in Lent 2014

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3 thoughts on “Make it different!

  1. Lol! I guess a lot of us will be limiting our Facebook (or “computer time”) this Lent. I prayed while I was preparing for the link up and I asked Him to guide me on what topic I should be writing about for the link-up and I think He is really asking us to have more time for Him.

  2. Ah…cookies and treats…so hard to give up, right? 😉
    But isn’t it funny how, because of our kids, we feel more obligated and responsible when thinking of doing things for Lent? Because we must be examples for them, we get the added bonus of actually doing our best to stick to our own Lenten promises! 😀

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