Just a few more details

I know many of you saw this picture… um sometime last week on Facebook:

the fourth

We put it up without any captions. I was almost wondering how long it would take people to “get it”. I guess I look at way too many pregnancy announcement things… But umm, anyways, more details.

We found out we were expecting this little guy/gal while we were in Georgia. It was very nice to be able to share that with the family there in person (a first for us!). Not many things get to be “first” when you’re the fourth so we’ll just have to take them as we get them :).

{When I was sick right after we got back, I really was sick. Pretty nastily sick. Probably it took me a little longer to get over it than normally because I was pregnant, but I honest and truly was sick. – That was the absence from the blog for that week and a half}

Since then I’ve come down with my normal early-pregnancy blah-ness. I haven’t been actually vomiting, but feeling extremely nauseous from mid-day on isn’t exactly fun either :(. That and I have been soooooooo exhausted. I’ve more than once gone to bed around 7:30 (and hoped the kids would stay in bed). If I don’t go that early, I’m most definitely OUT by 9:30. Which all combined leaves precious little time for blog post writing, you know, after spending hours on the couch and attempting to keep my house from being a toxic wasteland (very much succeeding on the first item, not so much on the second)…

All that being said: I am extremely happy and grateful for this baby. I never imagined that it would be anything but “easy” for us to conceive a baby (was definitely not the case this time). In hindsight I can see a lot of very, very good reasons that we didn’t have a baby last year (or that I was even pregnant). One of the things being that I think I had a lot of internal stuff to work on before I would even be ready to start this again. Yet another reason why God is God and I am not, because obviously my perfect timing was not exactly on point.

I did make an agreement with myself to not complain about the achiness and blah-ness. (So, just stating them for the facts here).

We had our ultrasound this morning. Baby measures 1.6cm (?). They put me at 8 weeks and 2 days, with a due date of October 25th. The little heart is beating along just happily. And I personally think at this point that the baby looks like an alien:

Or maybe a little chick-y?

Katherine is convinced it’s a girl. She keeps referring to the baby as “she”, and asking:

When is she born?

She’s in your tummy now?

How will she come out? (She didn’t seem bothered by the answer)

Was Karl in daddy’s tummy? (Apparently there is some confusion as to boys being in dad’s tummies and girls being in mommy’s tummies)

John doesn’t really have a clue. Neither does Karl. Maybe once I start showing they’ll get it more.

And look at that, I’ve managed to use up a good hour and a half poking around the internet while writing this post. So, hopefully I’ll be more inspired to write maybe just a little more often, but I’m not promising.




2 thoughts on “Just a few more details

  1. Enjoyed your post. Yes, I did “get it” the first time you posted the picture because I remembered that you were hoping to get pregnant again. Last week I was talking to Cameron and mentioned that you were expecting. I asked her if she had seen the picture on your blog, which she had, but she hadn’t realized the significance of it.

    Tell your mom, since I don’t think she reads her email, that Priscilla arrived last night for a week’s visit. I haven’t seen her yet because she’s staying with Philip and Sao. Philip will bring her over later this morning. Today Ruthie arrives to spend a few months here, a gap year for her. She will also stay with Philip and Sao, at least at first.

    Love, Grandma

    P.S. Hope it’s a girl!

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