Moments of Grace {4}


Thanking God for….

~ A healthy pregnancy so far (last update I wrote is here. I’ve had one more appointment since, and things still were good)
~ Jared, being willing to pick up the slack for making dinner, since by that time of day, I mostly don’t have the energy
~ Other family members who just help out, send notes or call
~ Gardens
~ Yarn for crochet projects (or knitting projects if I ever learn how to do that)
~ Kiddos sleeping past 7:00 AM (mostly all of them, there’s a 3-yr-old superman sitting next to me on the couch, but he’s playing quietly with his trucks)
~Karl being almost, almost potty trained!

Praying for…

Grace to make it through the next few weeks, which for me are usually the hardest of the pregnancy (and this time seem to be harder); spring; Katherine to get better (she’s got another cold 😦 )

Listening to….

I dug out my old iPod (like one of the original “Classics”) a few months back and charged it up. I’ve spent a few nights recently listening to stuff there (most of which I don’t care for anymore), but I did stumble across an album of old hymns (of the Protestant variety), which I always love to listen to now and then, but I forgot they were on there.


My reading has greatly suffered these past few weeks. I spend much of the early part of the day taking care of household chores the NEED to get done (*ahem* laundry), and by the time I fall in to bed (usually at 7:30-8:00), I don’t have energy to read. So…..

Mostly I’ve managed to read my Bible. (Always a good thing)

Mansfield Park – Jane Austen, is the book I manage to read next most often.

A Catholic Woman’s Companion to Pregnancy – Sarah A. Reinhard (this is easy because I read only one chapter a week). I’ve really been enjoying the reflections in this book. It’s helped me to, at least on some level, to add a little more meaning to the not so fun parts of pregnancy.

Sacred Space for Lent – by the Irish Jesuits. This was supposed to be my Lenten reading, but it has suffered greatly since I have not made it even remotely regularly to this book. What I have read though I have LOVED!

Set Free: The Authentic Catholic Women’s Guide to Forgiveness – Genevieve Kineke {on HOLD until I can muster enough brain cells to think through it}

Theology from my little ones….

{A discussion at dinner one evening}
Me: John, swallow your food
John: Jesus didn’t die in our tummies
Me: Um….
Katherine: He died in our hearts
John: Yeah, but not our tummies

Karl one evening while laying on our bed, saw the crucifix, was looking at it then announced:
Jesus, take diaper off?
(I personally have only ever seen one crucifix that depicted a naked Jesus… maybe Karl just knows how things really are)

Both boys have taken to declaring any cross (cross shaped or simply just crossed lines) as “Cross of Jesus”. This includes sidewalk squares and construction paper.

In the kitchen…

Planning on a meal for my sister to cook this evening, since she said she’d like to learn how to cook before going off to college this fall. It’s between either chicken noodle soup (if you have any great recipes, please share!) or chicken enchiladas.

Looking Ahead…

Spring. Still. And my brother’s birthday party this weekend. (When, oh when, did all my younger siblings grow up?), This Sunday’s third Scrutinies (sp?) and Easter in general when my sister (and I think my other brother- and sister-in-law) will be joining the Catholic Church!


20140401-073150.jpgThis is pretty much how my boys look. John’s trying to do something, and Karl’s sneaking around behind trying to spoil it.
~Ruth Anne

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2 thoughts on “Moments of Grace {4}

  1. I love old hymns, of the protestant variety, lol! I also love old negro spirituals. This cracks my family and friends up. Gotta love the brother picture! I’ve got a couple of those guys up to the same thing around here.

  2. Glad you mustered enough strength to write. I had been missing your blogs. Enjoyed this one.



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