Just a family update post – full of random pieces of info

I’ll just start with “Karl updates“:

* Really has taken off with talking. Loves to copy people, especially his older siblings (think phrases like “I had it first” and “It’s mine”).
* He is by far my most tantrum-minded little one, and boy can he throw some spectacular ones if he doesn’t get what he wants: The most uncomfortable (for me) was at Mass when he announced that he had to go pee (during the consecration, of course), I told him to go in his diaper, since, you know almost done with Mass/sitting in the front/and hello, diaper… but nope. He was not going to have it.
* Back to the copying thing, he also likes to copy the neighbors when they speak Spanish. He’s managed to pick up some words and very much enjoys shouting “Ahhhhhhh-di-yohhh-oooossssss” {Adios} when we say goodbye to them for the day.
* He’s also taken to signing along with me whatever little bedtime song we do. So cute.
* Other Spanish he’s picked up: Panza {belly}, which he promptly combined with “button” so now it’s become a “Panza-button”


* Still by far my most sensitive child. Any little tiny thing requires full on tears. But he’s a sweetheart ❤
* Growing by leaps and bounds. But my boys must be pretty skinny because both of them wear pants a size ahead of theirs (because of the length), but they fall off because they’re too big in the waist…
* Has figured out the counting thing, and enjoys counting by sign-language. Which means he’s constantly asking me if “this is how you do __{insert number here}___ in sign language” to which I have no answer.
* My favorite saying of his this past week: We walked into a local Catholic hospital to get some lab work done, passed through the doors and there was a good sized crucifix on the wall. He (John) promptly announced: “He’s here too!” (“He” being Jesus).


* Has done a lot of figuring out of how the world works recently. Things like days of the week, and what happens on each day, which days are for school/work, which days are for church.
* A few weeks ago, when I hadn’t brought them to Mass with me because they were so sick, I brought her with to pick up my sister from RCIA, she told me with a sigh “I didn’t go to Church today Mommy”.
*She’s made tiny bits of progress with writing letters (actual A-B-C letters), and has been asking a lot how to write certain words. She’s just about got her name without any help. She spelled John’s “name” the other day with multiple “Js”, “Os” and I think one “N”. She’s definitely not into reading words though, so I’ve mostly not pushed it. I’d love for her to, but I don’t think it’s something I should push. We can work on that later in the year when if we do Kindergarten (still undecided about that – it seems like it may be too early still….)
* I think she mostly tries to be a good girl, but she’s got herself an opinion and all of 4.5 years with which to back it up, which makes it hard for me to deal with sometimes.

Other family life:

We’re enjoying being outdoors much more since the weather has finally turned warm enough where I don’t mind sitting out there with them.  Jared has just a few weeks left of his court ordered classes and things he has to attend. He hasn’t grumbled at all about going, but it does take up an evening and an afternoon a week, so I think we’ll both be glad when they’re done.

Not much news on the baby front. I’ve been feeling a little more in the way of kicks/jumps, usually in the evenings. I have my next appointment in a little over a week. And then the week after that we have our anatomy ultrasound and get to find out the gender!! It seems like its too soon to be finding out, but maybe that’s just because I’m pretty sure I found out later in the pregnancy with the other kids. I seem to be developing my “top-of-the-belly” pregnancy rash that I had really bad with John. I’m hoping by putting some aloe, or calamine on it it’ll take care of it, but we’ll see…

Reading stuffs:

My reading list that I set for myself at the beginning of the year has suffered greatly these last two months.

In March and April, I finished three books total. Not muy bueno if you’re trying to finish a whole lotta books by the end of the year. In light of that I’ve decided to make some cuts to the reading list by removing the following:
* Les Mis.
* Orthodoxy
* Saint Thomas Aquinas
* The Odyssey


Finally it’s warm enough to plant. All my seedlings didn’t grow again this year, I watered them and kept them warm, but still no.

Fortunately the seeds I planted in the ground have taken. Well, at the spinach has, everything else I just planted last weekend and hasn’t come up yet. The garlic doesn’t really count because I planted that last fall and it’s coming back beautifully. Although I’ve noticed that the sunflower that fell over last year and spread it’s seeds all through the garlic has also produce many many MANY little sunflower plants…. So, I’m not sure how that’s gonna work…….

Our raspberry plant has decided to take over a section of the yard. I really hope it produces this year, I LOVE raspberries. 🙂

Random other bits:

This has gotten a little longer than I intended, but really? what should I have expected? I haven’t written in a while. I’d like to ask for some prayers for people:

My uncle and aunt have been trying to adopt again, and recently were approved for an adoption, but then the family decided not to let the children go. This has happened a few times in the past few months, and I’d ask for prayers for peace and guidance as they continue their journey.

Also, I found out a few weeks ago that a cousin of mine had miscarried what would have been her fourth child. Again, asking for peace for her and her family.

Annnnd…. Now I must go get my own blood work done before the lab closes for the weekend.






2 thoughts on “Just a family update post – full of random pieces of info

  1. Hope your garden grows!

    Better to cut your reading list than fret about it all year!

    Love, Grandma

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