Guest Posting, obligatory Mother’s Day reference, and Answer Me This {2}

Here I go, mashing a whole lotta stuff into one blog post. But I have a few minutes, because my little ones are “napping” and the dishes are ALL DONE!!!!!! and I should go switch the clothes in the washer, but that will distract me and I’ll find something else to do on my way back to the computer, so I’ll save that for later…

First up, I’ve done my first ever guest post! It’s on the topic of veiling. I was thrilled to be a part of the veiling series, but it is a little weird to see a post I wrote up somewhere else, kinda like hearing a voice recording of yourself…. You know it’s you, but it’s just sounds different. I dunno.

It was a really difficult post to write. Not the content, but the actual sit down and write it part. Every single time I sat down to write, something would come up that needed attending (breaking up fights over sticks, placing phone calls to the police about noisy neighbors, you know, just stuff…).

Anyways, the post is up over at Emily’s Blog. Link Here. The post is part of an ongoing series of women’s veiling stories. I don’t know how many stories are still left to be told and posted, but there are quite a few up there already, so be sure to head over and take a look around.

Our Mother’s Day turned out to be a very special day, even though we I had a rough start. We had a cookout with my family, the weather was nice. And I don’t think I ended up with one single picture. But it was overall, very special. 🙂



Now onto this weeks Answer Me This because I really enjoyed doing it last week.

1. What’s for dinner?

Ummmmmm, I have no idea. Really, I should be getting on that though, seeing as how it’s after one o’clock in the afternoon and I have nothing thought of. I usually am a little better at planning dinner or at least making a menu so I have some options. But, somehow today’s meal plan just didn’t happen (probably because I didn’t bother to look at the paper I wrote it up on).

I think the options are chili (may be too late for that, and I’m really not feeling like chili tonight) or chicken something. I’ll figure something out. If all else fails we can always just have pancakes or something 🙂

2. What’s the last thing you borrowed from someone?

I really try not to borrow things, mostly because things tend to get lost or destroyed when they are left here too long. {Yes, that’s a hint to all my IRL friends, probably better not to let things come into my house…}

Other than library books, I think the last thing I borrowed was some muffin tins from my mom. I honestly don’t remember why I NEEDED to borrow them. Obviously it was to make muffins, but that doesn’t sound quite right because I do actually have a few smaller muffin tins which can handle making muffins just fine. I will blame this one on mommy brain. *Shakes head in confusion*

3. What is your favorite prayer?

The prayer to Saint Michael. I don’t know many prayers by heart. But this was one of the first ones I learned when I first entered a liturgical church. I think right now the reason it’s most meaningful:

Right before I found out about Baby4, I was very much desiring to have another child, and whenever I heard about another pregnancy either online or real life, I would get upset. Not necessarily at the mom/baby, but because for whatever reason it wasn’t happening for us. There was one time in particular where I got very, VERY upset. I ended up just going to take a shower to try and “cool off”. While there (being very upset), I thought “Why am I THIS upset?” It struck me almost instantly that I was being attacked and I started the prayer to Saint Michael, almost without thinking about it. And the intensity of my feelings was instantly gone. I was still sad, but I wasn’t crazy upset anymore.

Since then, this prayer has been very special and not one that I’ll ever dismiss in it’s ability to “work”.

{That answer seems way too serious now that I’ve read it… oh well}

4. What is the oldest thing in your house?

Probably this icon of Saint Nicholas, or one of the books to the right of it

20140513-134511.jpgBoth the icon and the books belong to Jared. The books are old Methodist, commentaries on various books of the Bible. They belonged to my father-in-law who was a part of the Methodist Church before joining the CEC.

The oldest thing I own, personally is probably a set of silverware given to me by my grandmother. I forget the details of who owned them first, but I think it was her great-aunt? She reads this blog, so maybe she’ll correct me if I’m wrong.

5. What is the best concert you ever attended?

The best concert was probably one of the concerts I attended while I was a part of Community Music Works (where was a student/mentor/substitute teacher for my cell0). We went to some pretty amazing orchestra concerts, probably the most amazing was the Venezuelan Youth Orchestra.

It’s been so long since I’ve been to a music performance of any kind. I was never really into going to “contemporary” music concerts. For all my love of music, it just wasn’t something I ever enjoyed doing. My brother did take me to a Breaking Benjamin concert way back, I don’t remember if he bought me a ticket or if he bought one for someone else and they couldn’t go…. Most memorable about that was we had a tornado warning a few hours before the concert (in RI of all places). But, yeah, not something I really ever did.

6. Do you have a nickname?

Yup. It’s: Fan. (Just like those things that turn around on the ceiling, or go in windows, however you use them… 🙂 )

I think it was my youngest brother who started it. Here’s the progression:

Ruth Anne {my name} –> Ruffan {easier for preschoolers to say} –> Fan {easier for toddlers to say}

And apparently it’s easier for everyone else to say too, since I get called that by almost all my family members (immediate and extended) and anyone who is or ever has been close to my family. I’ve had it for so long that it doesn’t bother me.

And that’s a wrap. Kids are “up” begging to watch a show, and dinner still hasn’t presented itself, and the clothes still need to get into the dryer. Oh, and I need to skype my mother-in-law, it’s her birthday!!!!


4 thoughts on “Guest Posting, obligatory Mother’s Day reference, and Answer Me This {2}

  1. That “answer me this” sounds fun…
    And – The posts will keep going until people stop wanting to tell their stories. I’m hoping we can do it a year… or more.
    I love these stories.
    Blessings and THANKS for telling your story!

  2. In regard to the veiling post, seeing your post must have felt like you were on the front page of the New York Times! So public!

    When I was in my last year of college, I attended Bethany Chapel, which was a Plymouth Brethren Assembly. You probably have never heard of the “PB’s” and they don’t like to be called that. It’s a small group that broke away from the Church of England in the early 1800s. They were trying, like so many other groups over the years, to get back to the practices of the early church. I won’t go into their distinctives, but one was that they celebrate the Lord’s Table every Sunday. They do not have pastors, but the men would lead out, as they were led of the Spirit, with a hymn or a Scripture, or a thought. There was no musical accompaniment. A quiet meditative service, which suited me well. For this service the women were not only to be silent, but they were to cover their heads. Not a written or spoken requirement, but a custom which I assume they derived from the passage in 2 Corinthians. This was still in the days when many women wore hats. I owned a hat, but did not normally wear it to church. However, when I started attending Bethany, I wore it every Sunday. To me it was like a veiling. I felt good about it and was happy to comply. Nor did I mind that women were to be silent. In fact, I preferred it that way. Actually, there were women’s meetings at other times where women were free to participate.

    When I graduated and went to teach school in Philadelphia, the couple who opened there home to me happened to also be from a Plymouth Brethren assembly, so when I was in town on the weekends, I went with them. I might have continued indefinitely if I had not married at the end of the first and only year of teaching. In fact, my affiliation with the Brethren was a matter I had to settle before we married. Aziel wanted me to join with him, which I eventually did, but I still have a deep appreciate for the PBs. There are some well-known Christians in evangelical circles who belong to that group (not that they have any membership list). Two that you may have heard of: Kenneth Taylor of Living Bible fame, and Jim Elliot, the Auca martyr. In fact, it was indirectly through Jim that I got into the PBs in the first place, because my roommate’s boyfriend happened to be Jim Elliot’s roommate.

    Well, that was a long comment on veiling. Then fast forward to St. Andrews Evangelical in Columbia. One of my closest friends there is Carme Johnson who was raised Catholic in Spain. She did not really know the Lord at that time. She met the Lord as a graduate student at the Univ. of South Carolina and married an American. To this day Carme veils during the main Sunday service, not a conspicuous veil, but more like a doilie. For a time I considered joining her in veiling, but never did. (She also veils at home during prayer before a meal.)

    While I’m on the subject, I have a lifelong Mennonite friend in Costa Rica, Susie Schlabach (one of her daughters married Keiry’s brother). She always veiled at home during prayer. They are no longer Mennonites so I don’t know if she still does.

    One last word. The silverware I gave you belonged to my Aunt “Faye,” my father’s younger sister. (Her real name was Svea, but when we were young we couldn’t pronounce it. Svea is the feminine personification of Sweden, which in Swedish is called Sverige, with a soft “g” like a “y.”) Faye lived with us at times when I was young in Chicago. We kids loved her; she was fun. When I went back to the Chicago area for college, I saw her quite often. Even after I married and went to Costa Rica, she wrote regularly and sent financial gifts from time to time. Your mom reminds me of Faye. (Incidentally, your mom had a name that her siblings called her. I don’t remember which one started it, but I suppose it was one of the younger boys, probably Timothy. Anyway, she was called Libbeth, or Libbet.)

    This is so long, you won’t have time to read it! But you pulled it out of me by your blog!

    Love, Grandma

    1. That’s really interesting about the Plymouth Brethren (you’re right I’ve never heard of them). I have heard that in lieu of veils, some women are more comfortable in hats, so that’s what they wear (even in the Catholic Church). Thank you for the comment, I always enjoy reading what you have to say 🙂
      Love, Ruth Anne

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