Q&A with the little ones about the new baby

This idea sprang from asking the kids if they wanted the new baby to be a girl or a boy (we find out next Wednesday, so if you want to guess… leave a comment!). They tend to take any questions or comments about the baby and run off on some hairbrained ideas about what will be and what happens, etc… So, I thought I’d just ask them a few questions to see where they stood on some issues:

A note before I start, I did Katherine in the morning (alone) and Johnny way later in the afternoon. The first question was asked last week at my parents house, but all the rest were asked yesterday.

1. Do you want a boy baby or a girl baby? And if it’s not a boy/girl?
Kat: A girl baby with a pink ribbon. {Follow up}: *in whiny voice* I don’t want a boy baby. Boy babies come after boy birthdays, girl babies come after girl birthdays {see question 6 for her reasoning}
John: A boy one. {Follow up}: A girl gets to feed it. A bot gets to feed it if it’s a boy.
Karl: {He kept changing his mind. After Johnny said “boy” he said “boy” and after Kat said “girl” he said “girl”}

2. How will the baby eat? {Follow up} What will the baby eat?
Kat: you’ll have to feed her and I’ll have to help her get the bottle. When she’s born and we have to go to the library she’ll have to use my car seat, right? {Follow up}: Food, like cereal or peanut butter crunch, but she’ll have to eat little bites. She’ll have to eat biscuits too if she’s born at breakfast times
John: on a highchair. {Follow up}: Food, maybe cereal, cuz he likes cereal
Karl: cereal? cereal {Follow up}: a bed. Me: a bed? Karl: a bench Me: a bench?

3. What will the baby look like?
Kat: she’ll look like this [                               ] {spread her hands apart} big and the feet will be right here {moves hands a little}
John: a high chair. a dirty face, cuz she’ll get all messy
Karl: box?

4. Where will the baby sleep?
Kat: in the crib
John: in a bed
Karl: bed?

5. What will the baby do when he/she’s born?
Kat: play?
John: crawl. {Kat changed her answer at this point and said: No! Have a birthday party}
Karl: born

6. Do you know when the baby will be born?
Kat: {nods head} after my birthday
John: {nods head}
Karl: be born

7. What should we do after the baby’s born?
Kat: make her a crib? {pause} clothes? oh clothes! my clothes. panties, she needs panties
John: she can have a bath, but not a bubble bath
Karl: be born

Bonus 8. Where is the baby now?
Kat: coming out
John: {points to tummy} it’s in there
Karl: {points to head area} mommy baby

Clearly my children are experts in all things baby. 🙂 There were also multiple arguments that went something like

Kat: she John: no, he Kat: no, she John: no, he ………

Like I said above, be sure to leave your guesses or wishes (however it stands) in the comments.

this totally happened during the writing of this post
this totally happened during the writing of this post ~Happy Friday

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