Simple Things Sunday: Trip to my grandparents

This past Friday we packed our backpacks, jumped in the car and made the hour and a half drive to my grandparents to celebrate my grandpa’s 85th birthday..

It was a nice celebration. I always enjoy going to see family. It provides a nice break from the regular weekend routine of sit around and be lazy… Well, actually we still do that, but we just do it with other people than normal. 🙂

birthday cakeThese little ones were waiting around first for the entire day (“are we leaving yet?” “when are we going to Tito’s?”) then once we got there (“when are we going to the birthday?”) and then once the actual party started (“when are we gonna have the cake?”). So, they finally got to have their cake.

karl and cakeAnd they enjoyed it! I am truly sorry to whoever cleaned the floor around where we were sitting. Not pictured is the spot where Katherine apparently dropped her cake frosting-side-down. I guess she rescued most of it though because all I saw was the frosting on the floor, no cake.

tio and dad This is just a sweet photo of my dad hanging out with one of his favorite uncles from El Salvador. I don’t know the last time they saw each other, but they both enjoyed each other’s company immensely.

boys walkingWe ended up spending the night. The next day was still a little cloudy, but these boys were just so wound up from being indoors the previous day that I had them doing sprints around the huge yard. (Here obviously they are taking a small break from running and just having a little stroll.)

flowers for ZacharyKatherine picked me some flowers from my grandma’s abundantly flowering garden and said they were for baby Zachary. (Which I can’t remember if I announced on here, that is the new baby’s name, or part of it.)

fam with tio and papaAnd right before we jumped in the car to go home, I had us all get in a photo with Tio Carlos. I honestly didn’t think it was that bright, so please ignore the squinting. Those little ones were also completely wiped out; late nights, early mornings, romps in the woods with no naps… that’ll do it.

For those interested in more photos from the birthday party, you can click here to see the album on our shutterfly account.

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