A week of Vacations

Last week we had a company wide vacation. Kiddos were super excited about “being on vacations”! So, we did what felt like a whole bunch of stuff and are extremely tired out now. I’ll try to throw in bits of family updates into this as well, so bear with me on the length (even though I’m not to the end yet, I’m sure this will get longer than I intend) :).

Last Saturday:

We went downtown for WaterFire. This was the first time we’ve taken the kids. And since they’ve seem to totally come off any sleep/nap schedule that was in place before, we decided to take them even though I knew it would be a late night. {And of course I just remembered that I took my “real” camera which means the photos are probably there as opposed to the computer and will require just aΒ tad bit of editing before I get themΒ here …… this is why it takes me FOREVER to write a blog post}. {Updated 13 hours after I wrote the last bit, I got the photos off my camera….}

water fire summer 2014

Anyways, they had a fun. Especially watching the fire trucks, which showed up to put out a fire in the mall parking lot (across the street).


We went to the beach. Not what I would call the “real” beach with huge waves and such, but a smaller-scale state park beach. Besides everyone ending up burned, Jared got the worst of it :(, it was a lot of fun. I plan to keep taking the kids to the beach so they can hopefully get used to the water and such and maybe learn how to swim.

Johnny at the beach

Karl’s Take on the beach:
Me: Karl, where are we?
Karl: A water.

{Again, photos on my “real” camera…….} {Updated: see above “update” note}


We were wiped from the beach so we stayed home and watched the US loose out of their soccer match 😦


We took a trip to the Children’s Museum and played and played and played. Our insurance gets us free entry to the museum, and I keep wondering why we don’t go there more often. The museum itself isn’t too big that it’s overwhelming and the kids like it well enough, especially the play kitchens and cast iron stoves. And I like the fact that basically everything in there is non-destructible so that’s one less thing to worry about.

20140706-213049-77449825.jpgThat afternoon the kids and I headed over to spend a few hours with my brother and his family. Wading pools and s’mores. Really, how much more need be said? This was also the kid’s first time for s’mores.



I have no idea what we did.

Oh, yeah. Grocery shopping in 90 degree weather. Super duper fun let me tell ya.


Actual 4th. Actual holiday. We waited for Hurricane Arthur to show up and bless us all with cool weather. We watched the Bristol Parade on TV. Katherine really got into waving back to the people waving in the parade. She kept asking when we could go to a parade. Jared made food. Ribs, hamburgers, brats, etc… on the inside stove on account of the rain. We basically hung out and were lazy. We prayed really hard for people not to start fireworks once it stopped raining… it half worked. They didn’t start them on our street.


We had breakfast with my mom, hit up the farmer’s market, put training wheels on John’s bike (yay daddy!), repotted a couple of plants that desperately needed it, and pulled exactly seven green beans off our plants (so far this is the best yield we’ve gotten from our garden – it just didn’t seem to grow this year, my unprofessional guess is that it was just too cold for too long followed by too hot and not enough rain). We also watched Costa Rica loose their soccer match. That was more disappointing than the US loosing.

We also saw the “real” fireworks put on by the city. We are able to watch them from a pier that is only a few blocks away from the house (can’t see them from the house as there’s too much of a drop), but it’s nice because there’s a lot less people and there’s a place to park. This was also a first for the kids. Karl loved it. Johnny was really excited ’bout going, but was also completely fascinated by the rocks that he could throw into the water. Katherine did really well, I was most nervous about her because she’s the most nervous about loud noises, but that’s one of the good things about this display, it’s far enough away that the “booms” aren’t as huge as if we were truly downtown.

he was trying to cover his ears
he was trying to cover his ears

20140706-213048-77448583.jpgAnd to top off the night we had an on-street fireworks display put on by some neighbors. I understand that the fireworks they buy aren’t quite as big as the ones that the city uses, but it does make one a little nervous when the bursting colors spread the entire length of the neighbor’s house. Not to mention they are LOUD. I don’t know what time they actually stopped. The majority of the display was done a little after midnight (fortunately the kids were so wiped out they didn’t wake up), but I still heard them for a while. {As a side note, if we’re comparing this year’s street display to last year’s street display, this year was far better πŸ˜‰ }.

In other real quick family news:

Karl got lime disease, somewhere in the last month. We treated with antibiotics and it seems to be all cleared now. He never displayed any symptom other than a rash that jumped around in patches on his back and chest.

Katherine has basically left preschool-age and started in on young-person-age along with a huge increase in strong personal willpower. I have been struggling to keep up with all that. I know eventually I’ll learn, but it’s taken a lot of energy so far. We’ve also been a little more regular about doing some reading lessons. She has the ability, but she really doesn’t like doing it (and I’m almost 100% sure it comes from her wanting to assert her will over mine as opposed to really not liking it).

Johnny is just being Johnny :).

Baby Z. is at 24 weeks today. The last few weeks have been pretty good. I’ve really enjoyed watching the other kids interact with him. Karl still thinks the baby is in my mouth. Katherine likes to say good night and feel him move (he’s a really good “mover” and very often complies with her request to move). Johnny hasn’t taken much interest. He’ll talk to him, but I usually have to ask if he wants too. He did try to feel him move the other day, but was slightly distracted by something else, so he didn’t last long.

And finally, I’m asking for continued prayers for Gabriel (my little cousin). The cancer is more under control. They’re trying to come back to the US soon. Website for his Caring Bridge (for updates), which has links to his GoFundMe page.

{See, I told you this would get long – if you’ve read all the way to the bottom, I’m sending you a virtual hug πŸ™‚ }


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