{p,h,f,r} ~ a first (or just a few snapshots from the last few weeks)


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This’ll be my first time participating in one of the link-ups. I’ve been following Like Mother, Like Daughter for a while, but hadn’t looked into the history of these posts until this week.These seem to be a “photo version” of the blessings from my kiddos posts that I had been doing last summer, and I really enjoyed doing those

I had planned on getting this post written and posted, ummm, more “on time” but life always keeps happening and I’ve been having a hard time getting to the blog.



rose with drops

Our roses have been blooming (for a while now, actually). The other day the the kids had been playing with the hose and got everything soaked. I loved the way the drops landed on this plant.


Our front lilies have been blooming as well. Those have only been blooming for about two weeks. My favorites have been the reddish ones, this photo really doesn’t do it justice. Possibly it’s the time of day. So I’ll try again another day, with my “real” camera. It makes me so happy to come home and see these flowers in front of our house. It’s about the only decoration that’s there, since our tree was removed last year. I hope to separate these later in the year and plant them in a slightly bigger boarder, which should make more flowers. 🙂



We walked down to the farmers market this morning. Getting fresh veggies from there is always a treat. I did already manage to forget what the top left item was (some sort of spinach-like green), but I honestly have no clue. I’m going to try it in a salad later and see what happens. The man I spoke with said that it is great as a soup, so if I have any left maybe I’ll try a small soup.


 karl laughing

Thursday, we picked up a few raspberries from a different farmers market. I divided them as equally as I could between the kids and myself, saving a few for Jared. The kids all finished theirs, and I was in the process of cleaning dishes, when Karl went back to the table. When I went in a few minutes later he proudly announced:

I all done, blueberries!

He apparently thought it was hilarious that he had finished off the few raspberries I’d saved for Jared.

empty berry dishJared was totally fine with it though. So all’s well.

Of course I really shouldn’t have been surprised. After all this is the kid who will sit and eat, well, lots of foods really, but especially he enjoys foods from the berry family. As evidence from our stay-cation a few weeks ago will show:

karl and cherries(this photo by the way is for entry into Cari’s theme-thursday, which this week is “Vacation”)



The kids have been very into doing crafts the last few days, maybe on account of the rain earlier in the week. Or maybe because I’ve just been too lazy feeling to do anything super planned. Anyways, I thought they were just putting stickers on some envelopes in order to make letters for the girls next door, but when I went to check dinner (by way of the dining room), I realized they had made their project *much* bigger. At least the glitter stayed somewhat  contained.


I really enjoyed the process of taking these photos, mostly because I was able to overlook things that could have been on the annoying side. I look forward to continue doing this.

And now, I must get dinner finished.

~Ruth Anne


6 thoughts on “{p,h,f,r} ~ a first (or just a few snapshots from the last few weeks)

  1. A face full of berry juice! I’m not one that normally enjoy babes with food on their face, but berry juice is the exception. It is sweet! Plus, I probably look the same when I’m done eating my berries too =)

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