Dear Mama of a Toddler: take a picture

Dear New-Mama of a Toddler,

This stage of mamahood may feel like a huge hurdle, and in many ways it is, but I’d love to share with you that it’s also a fascinating age to watch. There is so much discovery going on in their world, even if half most of the time what they’re discovering is things along the lines of: “oh, that’s what happens when I tip my milk cup over?! Let’s try it again just to be sure!” Those can definitely be trying times.

If, however you are able to stop and see the humor (honestly, I’m still working on trying to see the humor in spilled milked, myself), but if you can see the humor in their “experiments”, and take a picture for later, it will take some of the sting out of it.

Hand and Glitter
Hand and Glitter

I’d encourage you to take a step back and let them explore. Hard as it may be to let them take a little tumble without rushing to their aid, take a little step back. You can’t be there every single time they fall, and giving them a few seconds to get up on their own will let you know that they’re ok. I find it’s good to give a kiss and encourage them to keep going. Little ones learn to react based on how we react to a situation, and if we react with anxiety, worry, fear and making a big deal every time they take a tumble (which, is often), then they’re going to learn how to make big deals out of small things.


Letting go of high expectations for the house is a must when there are toddlers roaming. The floor will probably always be sticky to some degree, and I can assure you that laundry will never be done, but! if you let go of the expectation that “floors HAVE to be not sticky” and “laundry HAS to be done in it’s entirety” and let your mind relax about those things and say that the day was good enough because they played in the dirt and ate a bite out of every apple in the basket, it will make the time more enjoyable. (Plus you might be able to make muffins, or pie out of the leftover apple bits.)


Embrace toddler-hood. It’s messy. It’s fun. Let them explore, let them run, let them get dirty. Look for the good things, take a picture, *try* to relax and kiss the boo-boos when it’s needed.




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