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On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, Jared was working on a job out of town. I think it’s been the first time I’ve solo parented since last fall… I was really actually kinda nervous. And thoughts such as “am I really allowed to be home alone all night with only me watching the kids?” Somehow or other I felt like I did the first time I stayed home and watched my sleeping baby brother for 30 minutes while my mom ran to the store. I think I was 10? or maybe 11? I don’t remember. Anyways, we survived (then and now).


I knew the temperatures were going to be favorable for going to the beach (really just a pond at a state park), but it’s nice enough, and calm, and close… and free. So wins all around. My mom was free from work and so was my sister. As much as I like going to the beach, I really don’t fancy going there by myself, just too many little ones and not enough eyes to watch.


treesI really loved the way the bright green of the field came through the darkened trees. I was in a slight hurry to snap this photo as we were trying to pack up to leave by this point, but I’m glad I did. Something about the simple contrast between the light and the darkness.


Karl wateringHe loved this watering can, let me tell you. And the hole, he loved that hole. He spent most of the morning walking back and forth to fill up that watering can and dump it in the hole.

karl in water 1He did take a few seconds to check out the other swimmers…

karl in water 2…but he was right back out again

JOhnyJohnny also enjoyed the watering can. I love the pure joy and delight he gets from making the wheel spin. Water works ever so much faster and better than the sand we normally use


swimmingThey all three decided that this was “swimming”

on the wallWe took a little break to sit and climb on the wall. I was trying to get them all to look at me and smile, but they decided to just do their own thing 🙂

looking over railingsome interesting faces we have going on here


sittingDefinitely content to just sit and watch. I was glad he got in the water though because he eventually decided he liked it well enough.

kat gonna jumpDesperately wanting to jump off the wall, but just slightly nervous

watering canAnd we’re back to the pink watering can. I love the water splashes.

Folks it is waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy past my bedtime (I didn’t realized editing pictures could take up so much time)

~Ruth Anne

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