A week in photos/mini update {a p,h,f,r post}

I know the title says a p,h,f,r post, but this is also a post for confessions of a good enough mom over at A Wounded Dove, where the writing challenge this week is “A week in photos”. (There is a specific instruction to try to be in the actual photos. I think I made it into two, but Jared made it into a few, so “parents in photos”? maybe that’ll be ok.)

Taking and sharing photos is definitely something I’ve been trying to keep up with. I’ve been doing OK in that department. I’ve liked taking pictures for at least the last 10 years. I’ve had a project started for a few weeks now of making photo books (big-ish ones) of our family since we’ve been married (nearly five years!) and while actual progress on the books has moved slower than a snail’s pace, it’s been a lot of fun looking at all the photos of the kids from when they were little.


prettyWe took a spur of the moment afternoon trip to one of the local beaches. It would have been a great opportunity to take nice pictures of a beach, but such as it was we spent a lot of time looking at the aquatic wildlife that was readily available for touching due to an extremely low tide.

That beach will be there next time we decide to go, be it later in the summer, or next year sometime. But, 3-yr-old Johnny looking at hermit crabs and seaweed while laying in a shallow pool of the ocean, will only be there that time we went last Sunday. So I’m much more gladΒ  I caught a photo of that than the beach.


happySaturday mornings we often times will walk over to my parents’ (a convenient two blocks away) and have breakfast with them. The kids LOVE going. Can’t say that I mind it myself :).

I happened to glance back and saw these two hand in hand, matching sunglasses and everything.

real4After the beach on Sunday we were all exhausted. So I tried to lay down and take a little rest. Karl decided he would just climb up next to me.

He has been quite a bit more “clingy” since I became pregnant. He’s been wanting to do a lot more of sitting on my rapidly shrinking lap, wanting to be held more.


funnyYes, so there is a story behind this photo. Karl had a little tiny skinned knee (I honestly don’t even know how he got it). He was wanting it to be wiped off. I’m pretty sure we were telling him to go get a cloth (napkin, rag, something of that sort)… He came back with toilet paper… still attached to the roll… So that part trailing on the floor was still connected a few rooms away to the bathroom. Oh well.

funny2I could probably just do an entire post of Karl’s antics. He is by far my most mischievous child.


real1This guy (and the one on the bench) got a way too long overdue haircut this past week. I would have loved to grab a photo of Karl’s cut, but, ummm, he was not being very cooperative and I ended up holding him and the phone so he would be distracted for a few minutes. It worked. He got a trim. Maybe next time we’ll get a photo.

real2‘Nother father-son shot. Love how he’s pointing out something. Love it!

real3Very real, very awkward 29 week 3 day belly shot. I know in my last baby update I said things were going good. And things still are good, but that little bit about not too many discomforts has passed. Baby Z. has decided that making adjustments while sitting way down low in my pelvis area is going to be the norm. That in itself lends to discomfort, but many of the times he moves he causes a nice long braxton-hicks contraction. Nothing to worry about (I don’t think), but fairly uncomfortable.

And there you have it. Snapshots into our week. We’ve been trying to enjoy all the summer we can as I know it will start leaving in approximately three weeks.

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7 thoughts on “A week in photos/mini update {a p,h,f,r post}

    1. Thank you! I don’t think I ever understood (or fully appreciated) what having my parents close by would be until I had my own family and now I’m so grateful they’re close!

  1. I love the photos of your beautiful family. I’m a single mom of 5 boys and LOVE to see a dad invalid with his children! PS You look amazing at 29 weeks – all belly! πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you so much! Seeing Jared become more involved with the kids has been one of the highlights of the last year. (And yes, totally and completely ALL belly with this baby!)

  2. Thanks for your posts, Ruth Anne. I haven’t kept up with email very well during this move, but I’ve enjoyed what I do see.

    May the Lord give you grace for these last weeks of this pregnancy.

    Love, Grandma

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