Answer Me This: Rooms, Magazines, the Peace and lots of thoughts on my lack of TV watching

Answer Me This3

I started this last night, but it got a little too late to finish, plus we decided to watch Divergent (which I can’t say that I loved, but it wasn’t horrible – at least I finished watching it).

Also we’ve been dealing with a weird round of sickness. First Katherine got a little cough, then Jonny got it two days later. Sunday morning Karl woke up just a little bit coughy/runny nose-y and Jared and I had a sore throat. By the time Mass was done both Jared and I were flu-like achy and exhausted. Thankfully the kids don’t seem to be feeling achy, but it basically wiped the two of us out. And just for good measure we decided to share it with the rest of the extended family. I’m feeling a little better now (not achy), but Jared’s still dealing with it.

Anyways, onto the questions of the week:

1. What is your favorite room in the house?

I think that really depends on my mood/time of day. I enjoy the living room (especially since it was rearranged last fall). But if there’s a lot of commotion I really enjoy escaping to my little tiny reading nook in my bedroom. (I’m sorry I can’t seem to find a photo at the moment, but it’s basically an easy chair with a little table against one wall in the bedroom – real simple.)

2. Do you subscribe to any magazines or other periodicals?

Not at the moment. We used to subscribe to National Geographic, but then reading them to the point where it was worth it to spend $37… So, since the cash is just a teensy bit in short supply around here, we’ve let that one go for the time being.

I do have a gift subscription to Southern Living (thanks mamaH.) and I totally love that! Especially the recipes. 🙂 Now I just need to find the month that had the recipe for blueberry pie so I can make some more with the fresh (now frozen) blueberries that we picked several weeks back. {Update on Monday: found the recipe, now I just need to unthaw the blueberries and get myself worked up into making the pie….}

3. How do you feel about the sign of peace in Mass? Enriching? Awkward? Overdone? Just right? Some combination of the above?

Please give me one minute while I go read the article that was referenced (it’s here if you’d like to read it).

Alrighty I’m back. Honestly I didn’t really know that the location of the sign of peace was being questioned until I read the article.

So, how do I feel about it? I think it’s probably  one of the more important things we do at Mass (well, they’re all important, but I happen to really like this particular part). Mainly for the reason of:

Matthew 5:23-24: “If you bring your gift to the altar, and there recall that your brother has anything against you, leave your gift there at the altar, go first and be reconciled with your brother, and then come and offer your gift.”

Now, I’m not intentionally trying to get into a debate about the location of the Peace during the Mass, I’m mainly pointing out the act of the Peace. This is how I first understood it when we first began attending a Liturgical church that practiced the Peace.

As for how I feel about it, mainly I feel that it’s enriching. Everytime I give a sign of Peace to my kids and my husband I feel that I am letting go of all grievances and frustrations of the previous week and “clearing the air” so to speak. Maybe that’s not theologically correct, but that’s how it makes most sense to me.

As far as walking around and greeting all friends and acquaintances with a sign of Peace, I don’t particularly go for that (unless of course there’s something that needs clearing up), I mostly just give Peace to those immediately in front of and behind me, our parish doesn’t really allow for much more than that.

4. What is your least favorite sound?

I tend to not like a lot of noise in general. Picking a least favorite….. whiny kids? I can get pretty irritated with noise in general though, so sometimes it’s as small a thing as the TV being on. Maybe I’m just weird. I don’t even like to have music on constantly.

Oooo, finger nails on chalkboards (or kids trying to “write” on chalkboards). That’s probably my least favorite.

5. What was your favorite TV show (or shows) growing up?


1) we didn’t have a TV until I was about 7 (and that one was a teeny tiny – and I mean SMALL). That one picked up maybe two snowy channels.
2) we weren’t allowed to watch TV (barely even movies).

So, that left us with the Cosby Show and Batman the Animated Series when I was really young. A few random movies once we got a VCR when was about 10 or 11 (we still weren’t allowed to watch much). We started watching some more shows on PBS at that same time, but I don’t remember loving them, more just watching them because we were finally allowed to watch something.

By the time we got cable (when I was somewhere around 14 or 15) I had basically stopped watching TV shows.

6. What are your favorite TV shows now?

So, if you’re sensing any themes here: I barely watch TV. I enjoyed binge watching Downton Abbey. I enjoy 24 when they randomly put out a new season. I also don’t mind Game of Thrones (but I enjoy the books more). And I think that’s pretty much it. Oh, I can also get sucked into some TLC shows, but I don’t know if they would be considered “favorites”.

Mostly I’ve decided that I don’t want to watch TV because it takes up too much time. I have way too many hobbies that don’t mix well with TV, plus Jared relaxes by watching TV (and has it on a lot), so I get tired of the background noise.


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