A craziness of a weekend

Good Sunday morning to everyone. Let me apologize in advance if there are typos in this post that I don’t catch. I’m having just a little bit of trouble seeing straight.

First off thank you all so much for prayers. It really has meant a lot to me.

So, a little time line of what happened (I’ll try to be not graphic, I’m sure you could look any of the terms up on google if you’d like a better idea):

Wednesday evening we went to my parents for dinner and a change of scenery. While eating I kept noticing flashes of light across the top left of my vision in my right eye (towards the upper part of the nose). I figured it was just because I was tired. So I pretty much just brushed it off. Went home finished up my evening and went to bed.

Thursday morning it hadn’t gone away (I was hoping/thinking it would just go away while I slept). Called the eye doctor and he squeezed me in for 2:00PM. Decided I could see well enough to drive to work (it was really only my periphery that I couldn’t see our of). In hindsight that probably wasn’t the best idea, but it’s what I did. After a few hours on the computer I basically couldn’t see out of half my eye. At this point I was starting to think that something really wasn’t exactly right, but at the same time didn’t think it was serious.

Jared drove me to the doctors (thankfully I didn’t try to drive myself). After I was dilated the doc took a look and the first thing he said was “dammit”. Just exactly what you want to hear any doctor say… He then explained that my retina was detached (but “don’t worry, the prognosis is good based on where and how it’s detached….”) By this point it was basically all I could do not to go into full blown panic mode.

I got set up with a retinal specialist that afternoon. We headed there and he took about a two minute look into my eye and started yelling to his assistant to “contact Miriam, and get the forms…., push them for an hour and a half”…. (Miriam is one of the hospitals around here). I knew then I would have to be having surgery. Pregnancy and Surgery are just one of those things that don’t mix. So I basically didn’t hear or comprehend anything else he said for the rest of the visit. Except for “no eating or drinking past midnight”.

Apparently there is lattice work that holds the retina in place, and mine (on account of  my extreme near sightedness), was deteriorated which caused the retina to detach.

Friday morning we waited for the call for the surgery, finally we were told it might would be at noon. Then we were told it would definitely be at 3:30 PM. Keep in mind I haven’t eaten or drank anything since 10:00PM the night before, when I went to bed.

So we packed up and went to the hospital. I was still basically freaking out about the surgery, but trying to be as calm as possible on the outside. In the prep room, the first person I saw was a very good OB doctor friend of the family’s and at that point I think I found the peace that I needed to make it through the rest.

The procedure they did was called I think a scleral buckle (yeah, google that if you want more info). On account of the pregnancy, I had a few minutes of extremely light sedation while they put the local anesthetic around my eye and then I was very much awake for the remainder of the surgery. I didn’t feel pain, but I could feel “stuff”. I don’t think I’ve squeezed a rosary so tight before. And I do hope the nurse who held my hand for the entire time didn’t end up too badly bruised. The fact I could feel Baby Z. moving helped ease fears that something would happen to him.

Recovery went fine. I did have a few more contractions than the OB liked, but they settled down and she OK’d me to go home with promises that I would lay down and not do anything (except for drink, drink, drink) for the rest of the evening and that I would call if they picked up at all. I went home with a very sexy eye patch:

hospital eye patchThe bulkiness of the hospital jonnie is due to the fact that this particular one can be heated. Much better than the super thin paper ones of before. I didn’t need it to be heated since I wasn’t cold, for once.

The kids spent that night at my parents, but I got to see them the next morning (Saturday). We had a little fun taking eye patch pictures

Kat and mommy

Karl and mommy

John wasn’t too sure about it all, and he didn’t want a patch, so I don’t have one with him.

I got the patch off Saturday AM. All things considered my eye doesn’t look that bad (especially if any of you remember what I looked like after my eye surgeries ten years ago – sorry no photos available on the internet that I know of, and those are pretty gruesome, so I think I’ll leave it that way).

It’s a little swollen, but think more like if you got a big bee sting on your eyelid how swollen it would be, it’s probably like that. I have only a little bruise about an inch under my eye. I can open the eye a bit more today, but I can barely see out of it still. I guess there’s probably going to be a few weeks until I can see out of it properly. I was also told that it could be a few months before my sight stabilizes in that eye, which will end up changing my prescription.

I have no idea where this will leave me in terms of either working or driving for the next few weeks. And of course because I’ve just had a surgery, I can’t actually DO anything. As a pregnant woman this is something I initially loved hearing, but when I realized that I couldn’t physically DO anything (like even fold a basket of laundry) without getting winded, it lost a bit of it’s novelty. Even reading is hard. I can do it one-eyed, but only for a little while since it gets tiring. It is nice to be able to say “I need a nap” right after breakfast and then go take an hour nap at 9:00AM (that MIGHT be what every pregnant woman needs, but most likely rarely gets). But I am finally getting a little stir-crazy since I can’t barely do anything except sit on the couch.

Anyways, I guess I’ll be learning a lot of patience in the next few weeks. Jared’s been great though; doing the dishes, washing clothes, and keeping up with the kids. We do still have to figure out how he’s going to go to work and me be home… but, we’ll figure it out. We always do. Please continue to pray for us all.

And that’s enough rambling for the moment. No promises on when I’ll get back on here to keep writing, not that I’ve been terribly regular about writing. 😉

~Ruth Anne

5 thoughts on “A craziness of a weekend

  1. Glad it went as well as it did. I will be praying for you in the “aftermath.”

    After all you’ve been through already, I thought perhaps you wouldn’t be afraid as you faced this ordeal. But fear comes easy, doesn’t it. Glad Jesus doesn’t mind our hanging on tight. Nice that there was even a nurse to hold your hand.

    Love and prayers, Grandma

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