Simple things Sunday: gratitude

{same disclosure as the last post: if I don’t catch a typo, it’s probably because my sight is still a bit iffy}

When I first heard the news about my eye on Thursday (catch the whole saga here), one of the things that I was concerned about was the possibility of actually seeing again. Or at least seeing well enough to continue taking pictures. I love taking pictures. It’s one of the ways I relax. But it’s also how I memory keep. I love being able to look back on photos of the kids and see how they were then and how they’ve changed now. I realized I wasn’t quite ready to let that sight go. I had always thought that if I had to choose between my sight and my hearing, I’d choose to keep my hearing. But now I’m pretty sure that’s changed.

I spent a few minutes this afternoon snapping a few photos of some fruit that was on the table.


Nothing horribly fancy, just some patters/color that I found interesting. And I was grateful to be able to see that. Again note, I took the pictures and did the editing with only partial clarity in my sight, so if these are a little off, then…. oh well, I guess I’ll have to see them later when my sight gets back to whatever it gets back to.


I’m grateful to God that He created such beauty in this world. I’m glad that he’s given me a camera with which to capture it. I’m also grateful that God invented doctors to fix troublesome spots in our body. Although I did ask for a miracle of healing before I went in for the surgery (I didn’t get it), I’m not disappointed in Him. It just means I have some more things I have to learn, whatever they may be. And that’s OK.

For now, I’m heading to bed. A day of doctors phone calls and possibly appointments follows tomorrow.

~Ruth Anne

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