Snapshots of the week

It’s been a fairly quiet week over here. Well… I mean, there’s still plenty that happened and all, I just felt a little on the sluggish side for most of it.

A little run down for your viewing pleasure



Photo: Apparently telling them “no water” doesn’t mean much.

I had my follow up with an OB doc (I normally see the midwives). All checked out well. And so long as BabyZ. doesn’t come in the next week, we shouldn’t have any surgery-related complications to delivery! Yay!



Photo: Crochet snowflake. Made in the wee hours of the morning due to pregnancy insomnia.

There have been many mornings lately where I haven’t been able to sleep past 5:00 AM (and some days it’s been even earlier, like 4:00 AM). Mostly I think this is due to pregnancy, but I also think some of it this week has been due to the cold I had that settled nicely into my sinuses, which made it nearly impossible to breath laying down. So, I’ve just taken to getting up and doing something. Usually crocheting a snowflake or reading.

Highlight: I was able to wash my hair for the first time in about five days!



Photo: Leaving for the library

Mom graciously agreed to take these little ones to the library story time. Which left me with a full hour of quietness, which was totally lovely. I can’t even remember what I did with that time now, but it was so nice. 🙂

~ Thursday ~


Photo: Kat helping by carrying the laundry basket for me.

Pretty sure this photo wasn’t from Thursday, but she has been extremely helpful these past few days. I’m not sure who told her that I couldn’t lift things, but she’s pretty quick to jump on my case if I get the laundry basket ready to go.

I am now able to *slowly* get laundry together and into the washer/dryer (before you jump on my case, the eye doctor did give me a 4-5 day window for this, and I’ve made sure it’s outside of that… and I also haven’t been doing it totally on my own. I still won’t pick up the kids though…)

Made it into the office for a few hours. Still need to work out what I’m going to do about the work situation, as I don’t feel I can see well enough to be doing it at the level it needs doing. And I still can’t drive.

~ Friday ~


Photo: Sunset with crescent moon in Little Compton

We took what’s almost becoming a regular trip down to Little Compton. The kiddos wanted to camp, and somehow that ended up being the place it was going to happen. They got to “camp”, which translates to: Set up sleeping bags under a tarp, get some lanterns/flashlights and read books in the dark. Sleep inside.

This was actually a super relaxing trip. I think because approximately 2 minutes after we arrived the woman who owns the place told me I needed to go to bed because of my cold. She kept shooing me off to bed every opportunity she had. And Grandpa and the kids didn’t seem to get on each others nerves too much; Jared got to take some pretty amazing astronomy photos:

Jareds milky way 08-2014

(This is the Milky Way).

I’m glad he was able to take this photo in particular because seeing the Milky Way is one of my favorite things…. period. And I wasn’t able to make out but a few stars when I went out to look. (We can’t see this in the city.)

~ Saturday ~


Photo: Beach collage

We took a very short, pretty chilly trip to the “real” beach Saturday before we left. Even though the glare was almost unbearable it was really nice to be able to dip my feet in the cold water and take a short walk on the beach. There’s just something about the beach that makes me feel better. 🙂

~ Sunday ~


Photo: Superman waiting for his breakfast

I was feeling brave enough to try cooking something in the over this morning. So I made chocolate chip – zucchini muffins. Yum.

We also were able to attend Mass which was so nice. (Last week just didn’t work.) It felt so right. Almost like, I didn’t think it was *that* much of a big deal to miss last week because of not feeling well, but then walking in and sitting down today made me realize that is really *is* that much of a big deal to attend, and I was grateful. Even if still a little stuffy nosed and only able to see about 2 feet (both of which are improvements!).


Kiddos have been begging for a book so I think I’ll go take care of that before it gets any later.

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