7QTs – chick-fil-a/birthdays/updates/doctors sayings…. though not in that order

Good Friday morning all! Happy feast of Bl. Teresa of Calcutta! Don’t know that we’re doing anything special, since I completely forgot about it until this AM. But maybe I can find something :).
Also happy 30th to my sister-in-law! You can let me know how it goes, since I’ll be there next year 😉 Hope you’re day is wonderful!

~1~ Just some things doctors say….

When I asked the eye doctor a few weeks  ago (at my initial follow up to the surgery), how long I was under the “8-10lb lift limit” he said “oh, that was more for your pregnancy, but it’d probably be good to follow it for the surgery for a few days”

It took until I was walking out of the office before it hit me just how unrealistic that it. I mean, sure I’ve read the recommendations, and of course I’ve heard stories of not-first-time-mothers being told unrealistic things like “go home and rest”… but this was definitely a first for me.

~2~ Jared’s reflection on laundry

On the Sunday following my surgery, Jared spent a good bit of time doing all the laundry that was piling up (he was up to two loads). That was totally fine with me since I was dutifully sitting on the couch doing nothing. He came downstairs after getting the kids dressed for bed, sat down next to me on the couch and said with a sign “there’s already almost another full load…” I just kinda smiled and nodded….

~ 3 ~ My “baby” sister

Abba and Kat 2009I found this photo while browsing old photos for the photo book that I’m attempting to create…..

She (my sister) will be 18 tomorrow! (And Katherine -the baby – will be 5 in a few weeks). Anyways I received this photo by text last week:

IMG_0240The sign says “Welcome to California”. California. Like. Clear-Across-The-Country California, Where she’s going to school. The only thing I could think of the day she left was the day she was born. And how I finally got a sister. Anyways, it seems so far away, but thank goodness for modern technology and Skype and such. Now to get her birthday “card” written and sent…. School project for the day I guess.

Happy Birthday lil’ sister!

~4~ Chick-Fil-A

So, we finally got a Chick-Fil-A up here. I know all you permanent Southern Residents probably won’t think much of this, but up here in New England C-F-A’s are few and far between. A short-ish photo adventure of opening-day:

IMG_0213This is the drive-thru line. The building is (not visible) over to the left. The line of cars to the right is also part of the line…
IMG_0215They handed out menus while we were still in line… Then they took our order (while still in line).
IMG_0216The guy standing outside handed us our order as soon as we drove up.
IMG_0220 IMG_0219Bounty! I know, I know it’s still fast food, but hey! I happen to like this fast food 🙂
IMG_0223Happy, Excited Face of a transplanted Southerner who’s waited 5+ years for one of these to be up here!

~ 5 ~ Eye Update

Healing well. Doctor said the retina reattached so muy bueno there!!!!! I can see a bit better at this point (not perfectly, but still not too bad). At least I can focus closely now. I spent the better part of last week moving books further away from me just so I could attempt to read what they said (think “50-yr-old lady” kinda moving things away). And no more dilator drops, so my pupil is basically to normal size now!!!!

~ 6 ~  Baby Update

I keep thinking about all the things I *should* be getting done before Baby Z. arrives, and then thinking that I just don’t have the energy….. And then distracting myself further by wanting to blog about things related to getting ready for baby and basically getting nothing accomplished. at. all. Basically I’m still stuck on the fact that I need to go find the pieces for the crib (that I mentioned briefly in my last 7QT post…. about….. ummmm… a month ago). So as you can clearly see, we are definitely going places here. 🙂

~ 7 ~ Other going’s on

On the plus side to non-baby-getting-readiness, I have been doing a bit of other organizing. I cleared out all the clothes of both boys that were too small. That left me with more than enough clothes for Karl and hardly anything for John…. So, guess we’ll have to remedy that situation pretty soon.

I also took all our baby board books out of circulation. Yeah, super great timing, as I’ll probably be bringing them all back in the next few months. But anyways, for now, they’re safely in a recycle bin in the attic. That also left me with approximately six shelves of other children’s books. (And this is after taking out the ones I don’t particularly care for and the ones we have doubles of.) Book addiction?


Anywhos… I really should go and feed these children breakfast, since I’m sure they’re hungry by now. Especially Katherine, since she woke up around 5:00 AM saying she was hungry.

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Until next blog post

~Ruth Anne