Some kiddo conversations and mom moments


So, today I was trying to think of what to write for the prompt over at Charity’s #GoodEnoughMomTuesday, the prompt is “Funny Mommy Moment”… and well, I just can’t seem to think of any full stories, just snatches of days here and there.

Unless, you count what it must have looked like for me to paint my toenails while 32 weeks pregnant, honestly I didn’t see myself, but based on how I had to position my feet/legs so I could reach, it couldn’t have looked too glamorous. 🙂

Or, if you’d like to watch me buckle the kids in the back of the van and then crawl over the center console so I don’t have to get out and open a door and get back in again (yup, pure laziness right there)…. that probably also looks pretty amusing. It’s even funner to try that in a skirt. (Side note: I have had to stop doing that since becoming bigger in the belly… there’s just no way the seats are that wide.)

I suppose you could also count the fact that there have been plenty of times I haven’t realized exactly how dirty my kids are until we’re most of the way to the library.

There have been multiple incidences of Katherine giving clothes to John because she no longer wants them… or because they’re green and John wants them. I’m never really sure what order it works in because I’m usually napping or otherwise occupied when the switch occurs.

IMG_0368This was probably the funniest cloth-swap because he had come into the bedroom asking for help taking off his shirt, so I did (while 95% asleep). I then kept hearing them going back and forth about taking it off or not and I, having no clue what was going on, was just telling them to leave it on and leave it alone (remember more asleep than awake). When I finally got all the way awake a few minutes later Johnny was prancing around in the dress.

Anyways because I’ve been wanting to share a few gems from the little ones’ mouths, and I haven’t made it to making a post I thought I’d go ahead and include them in this post.

Mommy, I’m hydromated… I’m not drinking enough water ~ Katherine

I’m sick because I was dreaming too fast ~ Katherine

Mommy, grandma has to take us because you’re eyes are all drippy ~ Katherine, after my eye surgery

When I’m five I’m gonna live in California ~ John (keep in mind, my sister just moved out there)
John! You’ll just stay there for a few days then come back to this country ~ Katherine (in answer to John’s comment)

(Karl, while hopping down the stairs)
“Woah, I fall down stairs {on the last step, he had a minor trip}. Let’s try again”(Proceeds to walk to the top and hop down all the stairs again)


I have a goal to try to remember the funny things that happen (mom moments and kid moments) because this was a super fun post to write.

~Ruth Anne

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