Weekend in B&W ~ a trip around the yard

I’m claiming the weekend as already started ’round these parts because 1) technically Jared is home from work early on Friday’s (noon); 2) I wanted to link up to {p,h,f,r} before it became too late and 3) we need a change of pace… so “weekend” it is.

I decided to challenge myself a bit and see if I could do these photos all in Black and White. I think most of them worked OK. But this is something I’ll definitely have to keep working on. I do appologize in advance if this ends up being a photo-dump kinda post. I truely didn’t intend to get this carried away when I was shooting photos in the yard this AM. But I do promise they’re mostly photos and not tons of works 🙂

And if you’d be so kind as to say a quick prayer for my eyesight to stabalize (or get all the way back to normal), that’d be much appreciated. It’s becomming increasingly frustrating to have slightly skewed vision.









At this point in the season we’re just happy the ANYTHING grew in our garden this year. Honestly, it’s never been quite this bad. But the kids were thrilled with the one smallish bell pepper and few tomatoes we found this morning.







last blackberries of the year
last blackberries of the year


My little ones can be completely hilarious. I love trying to capture it on camera. Plus it’s also a good reminder that even the hard moments don’t last forever.

must love 4-yr-old outfits (spots, tulle, and hearts)


of course, this IS what will happen if you try to ride a scooter in a dress


flips… he has been practicing for a while now


one of their favorite games is to turn the chairs and play “backhoe”


hanging napkins… just because


something was hilarious, I’m just not sure what it was 🙂



Just a little photo tour around our back yard.

beer-bottle wind chimes that I made for Jared a few years ago








this is how the chairs are put away when I ask the kids to straighten up the yard


(The End – Thank you for scrolling all the way through 🙂 )

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13 thoughts on “Weekend in B&W ~ a trip around the yard

  1. Loved your pix! Sorry about the slightly skewed vision. I will pray. I know the Lord is able and willing, but whatever other factors come into play, I do not know. Grandpa had fairly significant double vision after his detached retina was repaired. (It was seven weeks before it was repaired and then the repair came undone and had to be redone, so it’s a blessing he has vision at all. They left the lens out of that eye so the double vision would not drive him crazy. (They said they could put one back in if he lost vision totally in his better eye.) All that was 25 years ago. He complained about the skewed vision for several years but now he doesn’t even remember it. (The surgeon said it was like repairing a three-cornered tear in a piece of cloth. It can never be perfect.)

    Grace and Peace, Grandma

  2. I absolutely love these photos! They are so beautiful and capture the essence of the outdoors, fall and family life so well. What precious memories of your kiddos. Thanks for sharing them with your internet friends.

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