Picked Foliage

When I got home from some errands yesterday, Katherine presented me with a hat full of things she’d “picked for me” at the park. Usually that consists of dead leaves, flattened flowers, etc…

This time it included not-quite-dry leaves and a bunch of things which she called little-apples (I think they’re some sort of wild cherry, but am open to suggestions).

3 - edt rainyday (desat)

I had a bit of fun shooting them this morning while they played something in the closet (one of their favorite things to do).

6 - edt simple1

I had more fun editing them this evening. 🙂

4 - edt waterfrontmagic7

I honestly couldn’t decide which of these two photos (above and below) I liked better… so I posted them both

5 - edt n3 partial desat{small}


2 - edt n3

1-edt magic

I’ve really taken to black and white, but sometimes colors just speak so nicely!

Linking up with Texture Tuesday (photo’s 1, 2, 3, and 6 edited with various textures of Kim Klassen) and Black & White Wednesday (obviously not all of these are full B&W, but the first few do qualify)

And now off to begin my evening reading.

~Ruth Anne


Kim Klassen {dot com}

3 thoughts on “Picked Foliage

  1. I liked the darkest black-and-white best.

    Enjoy your reading. Don’t neglect it. You have a thirsty mind, like a friend once told me.

    Do you ever read Bodie Thoene? Her books are so authentic because they are extremely well researched by her husband Brock. I just picked up the newest yesterday at the bookstore. It’s titled Take This Cup. Check it out.

    Love, Grandma

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