Fall and Contentment

And here we are: another edition of {p,h,f,r}. It’s definitely felt more fall like the last few days. The kids have been excitedly bringing me “colored leaves”. We’ve started finding sweatshirts to go on outings, although flip-flops are still on our feet (that it totally me, I’ll continue wearing them until it actually gets really cold out, and then I’ll drag it out just a little longer by putting socks with them… a New England thing, or so I’ve been told).





I like fall… well, actually I like all the seasons in their own way. What I like about fall is the colors. There was a random late blooming flower (I don’t know what it was exactly – top photo) under our porch. I can’t imagine how it survived because there is very little sun at that part of the house. But it was pretty to see :).

There’s also an air of melancholy. I mean, as much as I love the colors right now, I can’t really escape the fact that soon things will be dark and cold.





Ummmm, yes, I do realize that the photo of the dishes doesn’t exactly fit with the unintentional nature theme I have going here. But, I was extremely happy to see the dishes done by hubby while I got the kids ready for bed 🙂

Also, happy to see little mums just getting their flowers going. So hopeful. So brave.



We must pause here for pregnant-lady snack. This is leftover blueberry cobble from Michaelmas (I didn’t have blackberries so we couldn’t do it “authentic”) along with chocolate ice cream. I’ve been slowly eating this with vanilla, but as soon as I tasted it with chocolate….. oh my! Wow!

Anyways, BabyZ. is well. Tomorrow is a midwife appointment, which begins the go-every-week schedule. So, we are getting there! Yay! We did some minor things around the house today. Set up the pack-n-play in the living room so BabyZ has somewhere to sleep while we’re all downstairs (I have this thing for the baby being on the same floor as I am, especially since I the baby monitor I own has rarely been used). Got the boppys out and washed. And managed to get the baby clothes out of the attic and into the clothes shelves designated for the little guy. The kids have been loving “helping” and going through the clothes and socks and shoes. Although, I heard today “we can feed baby Zachary grapes!”, ummmm…. still some work to do with them 😉




Cooler weather has meant that the spiders are making their ways back towards the house. For some reason we have a good number of resident spiders come winter time. Mostly they don’t do anything, just make a little web and hibernate (or something? … lotta good my Biology degree is doing me right this second….)

This one wasn’t exactly in the house, it was technically right outside the window. I didn’t think it was alive until I opened the window and discovered that it was indeed alive and crawling. The boys freaked out a little when it started moving… screaming things like “IS IT COMING IN THE HOUSE!?!?” (They aren’t terribly fond of spiders).

Been trying to work my self into being content right now where I’m at. For the most part I think I am, but I realized this evening that sometimes I don’t exactly express it that way. Getting out of the house for 3 minutes this evening amidst the rain to take these photos actually helped me to realize that.


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4 thoughts on “Fall and Contentment

  1. Love reading your comments, Ruth Anne. I like the photos, too. Bless Jared for doing the dishes!


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