7QTs – link to giveaway, birthday photos, kids quotes, and randomness

{Totally not relevant info, I just copied this post from the last QT, wrote it, published it, and didn’t change the title… so if you were confused, I’m so sorry}

I know, this is just a tad bit early for QT, but I had a little bit of time, and motivation to write this evening, so here they are, nice and early :). I’ll jump back on in the AM and link up all things needing to be linked.

~1~ First ever AUTHOR INTERVIEW {and giveaway}

I feel like I have ventured into the world of “big-blogs”. I have my first ever author interview/sponsored post/giveaway/participation in a blog tour up on the blog tomorrow in the AM! You can check out that post right here!. But, in the meantime, I’m super excited because I’ve never done something like this before 😀

~2~ I promised a few birthday pictures from last week’s epic party

Johnny cake

It should be noted that he told me that he needed a real cake and then he would be 4. (His actual birthday was several days before the party)


Katherine cake

So a few final thoughts on this whole combined birthday party thing… This’ll be the last year we attempt such an event. Especially if we continue to have themed birthday parties with lots of trimming. I didn’t even feel like we invited so many people, but once we had all my family (who live very close by), plus just a few family friends plus a few friends for of the kids’ we must have had close to 30 people and for some reason our house just doesn’t seem to accommodate that many. Or maybe it was just me bumping into things with my watermelon sized belly…

Either way, no more combined parties.

~ 3 ~ Kidizen

Does anyone else do Kidizen? I started one a few weeks back (just received an email that my “shop” has a web presence now: can be found here or you can find the items on the shop’s pinterest board). And I did sell one item, but wondering if anyone has any tips for selling more? Or getting more traffic to the site? Or maybe I’m overpricing things? I mean it seems like a good idea. Of course only some of our clothing makes it past the kids and is still in sell-able condition.

Maybe you could do me a favor, pop over and leave me some feedback here?

~4~ Kid Quotes of the past few weeks:

Me: Karl, where’s the biscuits?
Karl: They outside in the goiden {garden}. They asleep.

Karl: Mommy. Look. Took it out of the goiden {holds up tiny, dark object}
Me: What is it?
Karl: It’s a…. It’s a…. sing {thing}

{discussion about a cousin’s birthday}
Katherine: Can we see L…?
Me: no honey, they live in Texas
Katherine: Oh. I thought they lived in Pawtucket
{in hindsight this is funnier when you know where we live, which is about 10 min from Pawtucket… and 2 days driving from Texas}

Katherine:  Mommy, what did you make?
Me: Coffee Cake
Katherine: For breakfast?
Me: Yes…
Katherine: Oh, so we don’t have to go to grandma’s for breakfast?

Me: Karl, eat!
Karl: Mom, I wanna look at ’em….

~ 5 ~ Proud mama moment of the week:

Johnny wrote his name. I didn’t even know he could (and I know, I shared the photo on Instagram), but I was so surprised when he did:

And dare I jinx it by saying something? Both boys have been doing very well with their night time potty training. Maybe, finally we’re coming to the end of this (I mean, with these two anyway).

~ 6 ~  Baby Update

At the midwife’s visit this morning, I was informed that Baby Z. is “engaged”. Seeing as how this is my 4th baby, I must have run across that term before, but never bothered to understand what it meant. Guess it means baby has settled into the narrower part of the pubic cavity (but not quite the birth canal)… so that’s great. Except it doesn’t mean anything in terms of how close he is to making his appearance, and it means a whole lot in terms of being able to sit comfortably. But…. I’m trying to not complain and to keep distracting myself by doing other things.

~ 7 ~ Other going’s on

The other things I’ve been doing today, which I suppose could be considered “nesting”: is rearranging our wall hangings… complete with dragging chairs and finding hammers and nails and such. I considered trying to find the impact driver so I could rehang the curtains in the boy’s room, but figured Jared had those at work since he was on site today and usually has all his tools with him. {Update: I asked him when he got home if he had it at the house, and he said “nope”.}

And we’re one step closer to having Katherine’s room done. Wall is all prepped, and I’ve got it on good authority that tomorrow is the actual painting day.


~Ruth Anne

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5 thoughts on “7QTs – link to giveaway, birthday photos, kids quotes, and randomness

  1. Hi Ruth Anne! I came across your blog and saw that you have listed a few items on Kidizen but you are looking for tips, I hope it’s okay if I offer you a few? I have been selling on Kidizen for over a year and have a bunch of experience on there 🙂 I found your shop in the app and I would start with a profile picture, even if it’s something simple, to let members know you are active with Kidizen and draw people in. Another tip is the pictures themselves, the last few postings I like because they are in a well lit area and a simple background. It let’s me know as buyer exactly what I am purchasing and makes the item look its best. Also, getting involved with the members on there is a good way to catch attention to yourself. You can do this by following other people and favoriting items that you like. You mentioned prices as well, how fast do you want to sell your items? I think most of your prices are fine. That orange sweater is darling, would totally buy it for 12 🙂 I saw some people favorited it, if you do change the price it will give a alert to the people that favorited it and therefore drawing attention to it again. Offering a discount for multiple items helps (you can do this in shop settings) and will help which shipping costs, it will also make people want to look at your entire shop because everybody likes a discount! Sorry for the lengthy response but hope this is helpful for you 🙂 Have a great day!

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