welcome home Baby Zachary

Being held by daddy a few minutes after being born

Well. That was certainly not how we planned to spend the last week and a half… Now it’s time to just pack it away and move forward.

So, some details: Zachary Thomas was born October 23 at 4:35 PM. (On his Uncle Josiah’s birthday), with a  full head of dark hair. He weighed in at 10lbs even. His length was somewhere around 20 3/4″. (I don’t think he was ever measured while we were in the regular nursery/recovery room.) But, big. Just big. I managed to have my natural birth (yay!), with no complications. I will at some point try to write out a more complete birth story, but since we’ve just now arrived home today, I have a few things to put back in order over here before I can park myself in front of a computer for any length of time.

Oct 24 – hanging out in the recovery room

Anyways, Zachary spent a total of eleven days in NICU. He was admitted for shallow breathing combined with a low temp. While there he developed a small need for oxygen. We didn’t ever get a clear cut “____ was wrong with him”, but they think that there must have been a small delay in all his lung bits opening all the way. So, we spent the time waiting to finish the antibiotics (they had diagnosed him as having pneumonia based on the breathing and temp, but both his x-ray and blood culture came back negative) and we spent a further few days seeing how he did off oxygen. Overall, a lot of waiting and watching.

Daddy and the kids

{I think he was just trying to copy his brother John: 1- be born on an uncle’s birthday 2- be born on the 23rd of the month 3- spend some time in NICU (John had 10 days, Zachary had 11)…}

Nov 3 – waiting for the final details to be worked out to go home

That was the situation in a nutshell and I’ve done a lot of glossing over. But it was so incredibly frustrating and hard. Especially having the kids here at home and not being able to be all together. Jared was off work for all of last week due to his foot being too swollen to put on boots (or shoes or even socks), but he was able to take care of stuff here on the home front.

Nov 3 – finally! Taken by our (my) favorite nurse Donna

I’d also like to thank all of you who prayed and offered help, food, etc… it was so appreciated.

So here’s to getting back into our new routine. I don’t have any idea what my blogging schedule will look like. I *hope* to be on once a week or so (at least), but I’m not making any promises.


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