Just a Thursday {p,h,f,r and Small Success Thursday}

{I haven’t done a SST post in ages, and my p,h,f,r posts have been MIA for a while too, such is life at the moment :). Combining the two so as not to have multiple posts on the same day}


cute little boy toes


making them fly


Today was a day that felt like it just needed to be gotten through. It wasn’t a bad day per se, but more one of those days where the mundane gets to be…. more mundane than usual. And anyways, it seemed to get to me a bit more.

Success 1 – managing to mostly keep myself from getting too frustrated. It wasn’t perfect, but much better than it could have been.

Success 2 – taking time to just enjoy my kids playing. I brought down the bristle blocks which haven’t been played with for a while, so they had lots of fun making things. I consciously chose to sit with them instead of trying to do something else while they were occupied. I don’t know if they much noticed I was even there, but it did me a bit of good to get myself out of a mopey mood.








Success 3 – getting my camera out and taking some pictures. I completely love taking photos, especially of the kids, and sometimes I feel I don’t do it often enough. It makes me really happy and relaxed to snap photos, so I was glad I took the time today to do it.

Success 4 – happy to have completed exactly two (2) items from my to-do list I wrote up on Monday. Life with a newborn and all. 🙂











Success 5 – recognizing that my husband has different ways of doing things…. like doing school with the kids…. and that’s ok.


I think that’s all for this evening.

Joining the link up at CatholicMom for Small Success Thursday


Like Mother Like Daughter for p,h,f,r



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