Book Review: Ten Commandments for Kissing Gloria Jean

I was given the opportunity a few months back to participate in a blog hop with Pauline Books. As part of the “hop” I did an author interview and was given a copy of the book Ten Commandments for Kissing Gloria Jean by Britt Leigh for a review. Life has been happening at an incredibly rapid pace the last few months and I’m just now getting this review written.

This is the story of a 14-year-old girl who is desperate for her first kiss. She has plans for how it will all work out, and has high hopes of it all going according to plan… except that it doesn’t quite happen that way. She first has issues with her “Troubles” (a physical problem), and later she finds herself between the two opposing teams of Religious Education: Theology of the Body vs. Sex-Ed. She must work out which team she wants to fits in and how she will be able to accomplish that.

Once I got into the story and began to do a lot more thinking about it, I really enjoyed it. I think the way that the teachings of the Church, especially of the Theology of the Body, were presented was very beautiful and at the same time very simple. It wasn’t just “here is the Teaching… here are the main points”. It was much more personal. I was really able to see the internal dialogue as Gloria Jean was working through the teachings and what they mean. Watching her struggle against the teachings and then coming around again to understanding, made it very realistic. How many times have I at first rebelled against a certain teaching and upon further contemplation found that in the long run is so much better for me than my own plans? There are struggles presented, yet they’re worked out and worked through in a very positive way.

As much as this book was written for young adults, it spoke a great deal to me too.

If you click over to the author interview there are suggestions for further reading on the subject of the Theology of the Body.