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Good Thursday evening! I have the computer (the one with internet – my ancient desktop decided it didn’t like the new router, so no internet for me during the day, except on the Kindle…. but that doesn’t do blog posts….), so I figured I should go ahead and do whatever posting I’m going to do, since I don’t feel too tired, and for the moment all kiddos are sleeping (or at least in bed).

I took all these pictures today, when I thought I would have the laptop for the day and therefore would be able to post them right then. I was all excited to be taking pictures… then Jared came home to pick up the laptop, and I was bummed. But…. where was I going with that statement? I don’t remember, oh well.

(oh… maybe just that because most of the photos were taken this morning they’re all completely random 🙂 )





While I was out in the yard taking out the compost (not pictured… you’re welcome) and taking pictures of the boys playing in the sandbox (see below), I noticed that the leaves on the pear tree in the front yard were sorta colorful. When I got there to snap a picture, I realized they weren’t quite as nice as I thought, but the hydrangea was stunning.

It was completely dried, but all the flowers were still intact. I ended up taking a whole bunch more photos and hope to get a chance to look at and fiddle around with them sometime over the weekend.





Aforementioned photos of the boys playing outside in the sandbox. I’m not sure what the temperature was today, but it wasn’t warm by any means. At least they’re big enough to be out by themselves. And to have the sensibility to put on gloves and hats and boots.

I was informed in all seriousness by my nearly 3-year-old in a mock deep voice (which is so cute) “we’re working”.




Sometimes fire trucks just end up parked in the bathroom.




Katherine has been really into “set ups” lately. And organizing. Everything from tea parties, birthday parties, to Thanksgiving dinner. She’s so particular about these things. I honestly can say I don’t ever remember being this way as a 5-year-old.

So long as she keeps the stuff off her floor so I can walk in her room, I’m good.


IMG_2497I *might* have a slight book addiction. I managed to reach the hold limit at the library (which I didn’t know existed until Monday afternoon)… good thing we have multiple library cards 🙂



I was finally able to get the Nativity scene up from the basement. And now I’ve had countless questions about why isn’t baby Jesus in the manger yet? How come we don’t have a house for him? why is the angel not on the ground? The normal.


I spoke too soon earlier. Baby Zachary has decided he’s not ready for bed. *sigh*

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