Menu for the week



I’m going to jump on a new-to-me bandwagon. Nell @ Whole Parenting has a link up for a weekly menu, which sounds really fun. And the menus I’ve read in the blogs/comments sound so yummy!
I normally do have some sort of menu in mind for the week. Mostly it looks something like this:

And that works for me. Especially having the shopping list attached. But this week that little scrap of paper isn’t going to last, so I decided I’d just put the menu up here on this ol’ blog. Plus, doing this may help me in keeping with my Advent resolution of using up items in my pantry/fridge/freezer instead of shopping the grocery store.
We’ll see how that goes though, because I made that resolution last week and went to the store today and spent over $70 on…… what? I dunno, just stuff. Food stuff.

Moving on…

Tonight: Frozen Pizza, that I bought today (operation use the pantry: FAIL)
But in all honesty, I fully intended to make pizza dough and do the whole “homemade pizza” thing, until it was decided we would get our tree today after Mass (plus move furniture to fit the tree), and I still had to go to the store to get ingredients for said homemade pizza, and then actually make the pizza…. and then I lost motivation. So. Frozen Pizza.

(…and Christmas Tree)

Breaded chicken breasts, last of the frozen pasta ala vodka (from my sister-in-law, really must ask her for the recipe, and learn to cook Italian…), and green beans.

Rice and Beans. “Veggie”: corn.

Hungarian Goulash, rice with a mixture of the little bits of veggies I find in the freezer. Can you mix canned and frozen veggies? If so I could do a bigger medley. Hmmmm…..


maybe some fried fish… Or maybe tacos. Depends on how our evening works out. It is the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe so maybe tacos would be the way to go 🙂
(Can you tell I lost some steam for the end of the week?)

Potato soup with some leftover bits of ham. I know, I know I had this last week, but it was good. And I still have ham in the freezer. And I can’t really think of what I have that I can make off the top of my head.

That my dears will have to be enough planning for this week. 🙂

~ Ruth Anne

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