perfectly imperfect: the decorations

{first off, apologies to any who tried to click on this post earlier… I was using the phone to start it, and inadvertently hit “publish” instead of “save”…. and you ended up with a blank post – this one has content!}

We decorated the Christmas Tree yesterday, and generally had much chaos surrounding ornaments, who’s was who’s, where they would go, could we please decorate the house?, can we make a wreath for the front door?, and the back door?, I’m going to put this up here to make it for Christmas….. and so on and so on. (My kids are very excited about Christmas. Well, actually, they’re just easily excited about anything… one little 5-year-old girl in particular.)

Anyways, I dutifully snapped pictures with the phone, since I love doing it, and really wanted to try and capture some of their excitement. I hadn’t intended to necessarily make them into a blog post, but then I somehow stumbled across this post over at Unexpectant with a challenge to capture the imperfect moments of Christmas. (Hey, wait a minute, I just did that!)

So, without further ado, our Imperfect Perfect Christmas Decorating:


(especially on that right side…)


(I just can’t bear to put anything else up, now that she made it)



(this was also done by Katherine)



(hung, yes, but we don’t have another hook for Zachary’s stocking. Actually, we don’t have a full-sized stocking for him yet, but I’m too cheap to spend $15 on something that will be $2 after Christmas, especially when he won’t actually remember this Christmas. So we just have the little “baby stocking” for him)



This was a lot of fun to put together actually, so I may continue it through the end of Christmas  🙂

I'd love to hear your thoughts on what I've just posted. I do read and truly appreciate all comments. They make me smile!

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