{p, h, f, r} ~ Advent week 2 {attempt #2 at posting}

{2nd try to get this posted as before I guess it didn’t work? ~ so sorry if you tried and didn’t get anywhere}

Welcome to this week’s edition of {p, h, f, r} where we:

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

Every Thursday, at Like Mother, Like Daughter!



My parents tree and wall cross. I love this cross. I was playing with some photos I had taken last weekend and found one of the photo editors on my phone had some textures… so this is one result 🙂



I finished this Nativity Project I started! Yay a completed project!!!!! I used the silhouettes from this site and transferred them to wood. They turned out OK, not spectacular, but they’re OK, and I like them. (And I finished a project, did I say that already?)




When we first brought home the tree and got the lights on, Karl came downstairs and admired it. Then he piped up “look, I’m hugging the tree!”. (This is apparently something they do often when they take walks with my mom – hug trees) 🙂



Happy to unwrap and rediscover ornaments!




so, yeah, I walked into the living room the other day after a few minutes of tending to dinner, and I found this!



Katherine’s ornaments



Sometimes we take measures to occupy the baby


{in the category of all of the above}


Just love ❤

(that’s my parent’s tree skirt. I assume someone made it for them at some point, they’ve had it for as long as I can remember)


all photos taken with and edited with my iPhone


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