our little tiny St Lucia wrap

Benedetto di Bindo. St. Lucy. ca. 1410. Institute of Art, Minneapolis.

Today the Church celebrated the feast of St. Lucia. This day is an extremely popular day in Scandinavian countries, Sweden in particular. A full quarter of my heritage is Swedish so I have been enjoying getting to know some of the customs celebrated. Growing up we didn’t celebrate, but I’m wondering if my grandmother had any customs she celebrated. I meant to call and ask, but.. chaos here the last few days. She reads the blog though, so maybe you could share some thoughts if you have a minute?

Anyways, I found this bit over at CatholicCulture and especially enjoyed the following:

In the liturgy of the Church, Saint Lucy has held, and still holds today, the inspiring position of a saint whose very name reminds the faithful at the middle of Advent that her own “light” is only a reflection of the great “Light of the World” which is to start shining at Bethlehem on Christmas Day. It is as if she would say: “I am only a little flame in Advent showing you the way:

Behold, the Lord will come And all His saints with Him, And on that day There will be a great light. Alleluia.

I love that we get to celebrate things like this in the Church!

I had plans to be just a teensy bit more organized and pull off the whole St Lucia “parade” with our Lucia bread this morning, but…. it didn’t happen. So I made the bread this afternoon (and it almost didn’t rise… second time this week my dough has had a hard time rising, thoughts?). And we ended up inviting my parents over for dessert and coffee.

The kids had a great time though. They were jumping up and down, rushing through baths so they could “run downstairs and have Lucia bread”!

I did manage to get a little crafty a few days ago and attempt a crown. It needs a little lot of work but it turned out like this:


I also realize that she isn’t wearing a white dress or a red sash, but that’s not something we own, and I didn’t think of it with enough time to even attempt making one. I’ve not ever attempted clothing either, so that sounded just a bit too daunting at this time. I’ll keep an eye out for something in the next year though, so maybe next year we’ll be “appropriately” dressed.

She wanted to wear the crown but she didn’t want to carry the bread (which incidentally turned out great!) :


She did pass out the plates with slices of bread to everyone.

The kids had fun passing the crown around:


We also have a few favorite stories we like to read:
Hanna’s Christmas by Melissa Peterson
Kirsten’s Surprise (American Girl (Quality)) by Janet Shaw
These books are pretty much “mommy, can you read this to me” over and over once they’re brought out or borrowed from the library. They love them so much.

And that’s going to be it for us from this Lucia Day.

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