the job of mother doesn’t stop on a birthday

IMG_2981Today, was, is, my birthday! I’ve always loved my birthday. It always does seem to sneak up on me, especially the last five years, but I always am excited. It always seems like the it should be the one day where it’s “all about me”. I tend to think this means: I don’t have to do the dishes, or make dinner, or the cleaning, or the hard, not fun parts of motherhood, things like that. But…. today showed me something different.

The morning started out pretty much like every other morning recently: squished in bed with the newborn, get up, make lunch for Jared, get coffee….


Johnny came stumbling down stairs a few minutes after I did, mumbled “happy birthday, mommy”. *heart melts* Then he said “my tummy hurts” followed by “I’m thirsty”. So I got him something to drink (in hindsight grape juice was probably not the wisest choice, but it was the only juice we had available at the moment…).

Anyways, I went on to feed the baby/drink my coffee…. and… John threw up.


I cleaned it up, kinda laughing a little at the “of course this would happen today” thought that went through my mind.

Once that was done, I clicked through FB and had a message from an aunt that read in part:

what I pray for you today; … tons of patience for accomplishing the wonderful Call of being a mother, your vocation.


I have been remembering that all day. And really letting it wash over me and rearrange my thinking on what “my” day should be. Because I certainly didn’t get an ” easy pass” on being a mother today. John threw up again, Jared forgot his lunch, and none of the big kids napped, which always makes the afternoons “interesting”. I still had to clean up the kitchen (how else was I going to make frosting when I couldn’t reach the counter?). I still made dinner (I did leave the dishes in the sink… tomorrow is another day). I guess I did sweep one floor and wipe the chocolate cake from the table, but that was the extent of my cleaning.

But in the middle of that I brought Jared his lunch (which I almost never do) because I was feeling excited about… not really anything in particular… just bubbly.


And on a spur of the moment I decided to see if I could find a park that I knew was around where Jared was working so I could take the kids. Nevermind that it had rained this morning and the slides were wet. I just felt excited (it should be noted here that I also almost never take the kids to the park either).

It turned out good. It was just cool enough to be invigorated by being outside, but not *too* cold. It was a good change of pace. Johnny felt better. We all felt better. (Well until Karl realized his pants were drenched from the slide, but he didn’t melt down… so. win!)

And I’m so grateful for my aunt for the reminder I needed to see written.


Pictures are from the park. Taken and edited with the phone.

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