Highlights from the 29th year {7QTs}

Since my 29th birthday was on Wednesday I decided to do a recap of my year.

1. Well I think the biggest highlight would have to be the arrival of baby Zachary:

click the picture, it’ll take you to his blog birth announcement!

His was a much longed for, much waited for answer to prayer. (a little of that over here)

2. I have greatly seeing Jared’s involvement with the kids reach a new level! Not that he wasn’t involved before, but things kinda “took off” this summer, and it was really sweet to see it. It probably helped that we had a least a week of designated time off from work where we were pretty intentional about doing things together. But, whatever it was that started it, I’m so glad. It takes a special place in my heart to see the kids growing closer to their daddy. ❤

3. I started a photography blog. The key word in that sentence is “started”. I didn’t actually do anything with it until a few days ago (on my birthday). But knowing it was there was a little *push* in the back of my mind to keep working on my photography. I am really hoping to keep it up. There are only a few posts up there as of right now, but if you want to take a look that’d be fine by me :).

The plan is to move some of my photography “projects” over there (like the still life things, the weekend in black and white/black and white Wednesday’s, those kind of things). Who knows though, I might decide to post them here too. And I don’t plan to completely remove the photos from here, maybe just some of the more “artistic” ones.

The name is simple: Ruth Anne Holloway Photography

4. We were able to take a trip down to Georgia early in the year. Even though the reasons for going (Jared’s dad passing away) were not the nicest, it was still a good trip.

we got one of us!
we got one of us! (clicking the photo will take you to that trip’s wrap up)

5. We, especially I, have been able to get to know more people in the church we’re attending. And that has been so, so, so, nice. There was a mom’s group that had one meeting (then a couple babies were born so we haven’t started it back up again), but it was really a huge blessing. I think I probably didn’t realize that I was missing that in-person fellowship with other moms until I went. So even though that particular event hasn’t happened, I have gotten to know some of the other moms at church, and that’s been great!

6. I guess I have only one more year left now until I reach 30. Which means I will FINALLY be a grown up. I mean, I know I’ve got a husband, kids, a house, and two cars, but still I look around and ask no-one-in-particular “is this *really* my life? Because I really don’t feel like a grown up yet, and grown-ups are the ones who are supposed to have all these things…” Anyone else feel that? No? Just me?

7. A quick run down of not-so-hightlights: I didn’t even come close to finishing my reading list (but look out 2015, I’m coming for you!); I had emergency surgery to repair a detached retina (while pregnant) – scary!; I decided to not do any homeschooling with my kids (or very, very minimal) – plan is to restart early next year.

And that’s my wrap. It’s a good thing my birthday falls at a convenient time to make such a yearly wrap. And now please excuse me I must go take care of my grown-up responsibility of a 7-week-old.

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