Zachary’s baptism

me - baptism2

All the photos here can definitely fall under the categories of {pretty, happy, fun, real}.

I am so so so happy this day finally came! I really cannot tell you how excited I’ve been that we get to have another baptism!

It was basically a normal baptism. Our parish normally does baptisms on a specific Sunday of the month, but I really wanted my sister to be able to attend and she wasn’t going to be home yet on that specific Sunday. So today was our other available option. 🙂

me - baptism1

It was in the chapel area of our church which is just a beautiful space. If I hadn’t been there for a specific reason, trying to keep three super active kids from climbing all over the altar, while at the same time hoping my mom would find her way into that room through the funeral procession that was finishing up in the main sanctuary I would have tried to take a few more pictures. But, as it was this is what we have.








me - baptism3

After the ceremony we headed out for a late lunch, which was so good, maybe just because I hadn’t eaten lunch, but still.. yum.






Special thanks to Simon and Yasie for the baptism “gown”, Abby for taking pictures at the ceremony, Dad for paying for the meal after, John and Claudia for taking on the role of godparents and thank you Jesus for allowing us this little soul to raise for your glory!


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Menu for the week {#2}

Oh yay! Nell is back with the weekly menu link up! I desperately need a push to get a menu for the beginning part of the week. 🙂

Last week I kept wanting to come check the blog to see what the menu was for the week (since I’m super at remembering things once I write them down), but then realized I hadn’t written it here and felt lost. So, must keep posting it!

Today is a freebie since Zachary’s baptism is today (!!!! yay, so excited !!!!), and we’re going out for a late lunch, so today will probably just be something like grilled cheese.

Sunday ~ Loved the look of this Creamy chicken and asparagus and I have almost all the ingredients already! (totally “borrowing” this from Nell’s menu)

Christmas Prep: Simon (my brother) is taking the 20+ lb turkey out of his freezer that I stored there to begin the thaw.

Monday ~ Rice and Beans with corn since it was such a huge hit last time and it’s been almost two weeks since this was a meal here.

Tuesday ~ Pork Roast. I usually just do something simple like sprinkle it with a packet of onion soup mix and/or ranch dressing. Turns out great. With rice and green beans.

Wednesday ~ Corn Chowder with biscuits.

Side story: One time I made soup, had everyone sit down to eat and Johnny piped up “are the biscuits still in the oven?” I had to tell him I hadn’t made any. He was a little disappointed. So since then I always try to have *something* with soups.

Christmas Prep: Cornbread and Biscuits in preparation for dressing (the southern kind)

Thursday ~ Christmas Dinner. We have been super good at procrastinating this so far, so the only items I know are on the menu are said turkey and dressing, some rice/potatoes (it’s not decided yet). So yup. On top of things over here.

Friday ~ Left over Christmas Dinner.

Saturday ~ Stir Fry Chicken. Well, we’ll see. Since I actually don’t know what we’re doing next Saturday and there was talk of heading down to our little vacation spot, but I don’t know what day that was. So if we’re home and needing to eat, we’ll have this, if not, then I don’t know.

This menu leaves my shopping list very small! Yay. Now off to get breakfast for my little guys then to Church for Christmas Play practice, the home, then back to Church for the Baptism. I’ll try to get to the store sometime before tomorrow afternoon. #crazynessforaSaturday.

This menu also has me thinking I should start putting some recipes up here on the blog, since mostly I cook from the recipes I already have/know and those are written and altered on paper in actual physical recipe books. Maybe I’ll try that in the new year!