Memories, Hopes and Dreams 2014

Jumping onto a few “year – in – photo” posts. Enjoy and thanks for viewing our year!



I love you

2~I love you

Still laughing…

3~Still laughing
…about that time Karl took off on a frozen pond

Winter Wonderland

4~Winter Wonderland





I was inspired…

7~I was inspired
…by a painting my dad did to create this still life

Spring Fever

8~Spring Fever




Summer Days

10~Summer Days1

10~Summer Days2

A Day in My Life

11~A Day in My Life

11~A Day in My Life2

11~A Day in My Life3

All Smiles


Autumn Harvest

13~Autumn Harvest





Let’s Do it Again…

16~Let's Do It Again… always wanting to help cook

I Miss You

17~I Miss You



Dress Up

19~Dress Up




21~Holiday 2

21~Holiday 1

21~Holiday 3

21~Holiday 4

I chose these ones because they “mixed” holidays. This is an annual pumpkin carving show, which this year featured a Christmas exhibit.

My Favorite

22~My Favorite

Just Because…

24~Just Because…shoes must sometimes be removed for dancing

Just Because… some more

24~Just Because2

Hopes and Dreams for 2015

25~Hopes and Dreams


Details for the Memories, Dreams and Reflections post can be found here. (Just now realized I published this and shared it under a different title name – 0h well, it shall stay as named, next year I’ll get it right πŸ˜‰ )

And I know I took a slightly… ok… majorly different approach than Dwija, but… she did say “my blog, my rules” (or something like that). And this is almost the correct number of photos. Her 12 inΒ 2014 link up is right over here!

If you’d like to follow me on my photographic journey this year be sure to follow on instagram and check out my photography blog!

And now folks, I say muy buenas noches because I stayed up WAY too late finishing this.

8 thoughts on “Memories, Hopes and Dreams 2014

  1. Thank you, Ruth Anne. I loved your year! Impressed with you photos. I’m looking ahead ten years or so to the beauty that your dress up girl will become!

    Love, Grandma

    P.S. Are Philip and Sao on your blog list?? I think they’d like to see your photography. Their address is:

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