Reading Schedule for Les Mis.


Well, I decided I would attempt Les Mis. this year. I’ve had it on the list for multiple years running now, and as I mentioned last week, the Motherhood and Jane Austen FB Group is reading it this year, so kick-in-the-behind I need.

The time frame is 6-months. Which gives me until June 30th…. So, that’s a good chunk of time, yes, but not quite structured enough for me. I know I can’t honest and truly expect to pick up the book on June 1st and finish in thirty days. Nope. Not me. Not with my reading tendencies….

So, I did what any person would do. I made a reading schedule.

Les Mis Reading Schdule

(Please note this is the absolute very first time I’ve ever posted a PDF to the blog and I have no idea how it will work… of course I will check it once I hit publish, but until then…. who knows?)

Anyways, that, above right there, is supposedly a link to the PDF file I created.

Some Notes on the Schedule:
1. I’m using the Kindle free version (Les Misérables (English language))
2. The Page # refers to the “stopping” page of the day.
3. The corresponding Book numbers (“Notes” column), is where you should run across the book in the daily reading.

I decided to make it by number of pages a day instead of by Books and Chapters/day because that made more sense to me. (And it was easier to do in Excel….).

Anywhos, it works out to about six pages a day, and that should finish you up the first week of June (with built in time at the end for make up days, since, you know, life and all).

And now, my one hour on the internet is two-minutes over, and there’s still laundry piling my bed, so I really must be going. Feel free to share (a shout out in this direction is all I ask 🙂 )

Happy reading!

~Ruth Anne