Seven Goals for 2015



Jumping right in, since I’m attempting this to be done before 11:00PM! (a mere 27 minutes from now).

A note, I wrote some of these down on New Years Day, so these aren’t just now “thought up”.

1. Reading

Well, here’s my dream list (and yay me, I’ve already got two! books crossed off… albeit books I started last year, but….. they’re off!)

Read chapter books more consistently out loud with the kids. I don’t have any specific list. Mostly what I feel like reading at the time. Ideally, it’ll be one book a month.

2. Crafting

******Finish Jared’s Marine Corps Afgan******

If I accomplish nothing else this year, I want to do this!

3. Family

Keep working on building up my relationship with Jared. Things have gotten so, so, sooooo much better in the last year and half or so, but I feel we did a little disconnect after Zachary was born, not anything major, but enough to where I feel I need to be intentional about getting back on the right track.

I’ve seen (in two separate places now) the idea of writing to your husband. And I like that, so… I’m gonna make that my goal 🙂

4. Household

One of the books I finished was: Simplicity Parenting: Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier, and More Secure Kids so I’m all excited to go!

I also found This Schedule for household cleaning, it’s set up for last year. But it seems simple enough, so I think I’m going to try to implement it. Because, oh my, could we use a little household cleaning organization over here… #justsayin

5. Spiritual

* Read through the catechism. I’ve already started and kept up with this. I’m using the catechism part of this plan, I like it because the sections are super small and really manageable.
* Renew consecration to Mary, the plan is to start tomorrow to be ready to renew on the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes (Feb 11, and my dad’s birthday!).
Get a different book to go through the prayers and readings (as I would love to dig a little deeper this time around)… but that would definitely require a delay in the renewal since I don’t have any other books.

6. Photography

Photography goals can be found over on my photography blog (you can find the link here direct to the post or click the “button” on the sidebar  and scroll down a few posts back- it only took me about one hour to figure out how to make it 😉 )

7. Random

a few things I want to *keep* working on and getting better at:
calming down, showing love more, yelling less, getting our debt situation figured out…


Ok, so I cheated a little and added a few goals into some of the categories…

And I also didn’t finish this by 11:00PM… oh well, off to bed for me now 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Seven Goals for 2015

  1. All the best for your resolutions, I’m just popping in from TATL.
    Reading aloud is fab – I started reading aloud to my toddler just after last Christmas (while he was nursing) and was amazed at how many books we got through despite the short sessions. Alas weaning put paid to that routine so I’m gonna try for reading aloud while he eats his lunch and see how we go.
    I like the idea of writing to your hubs too – it’s very sweet.
    I’d recommend Dave Ramsey’s approach to debt management, (podcasts and free info – you don’t need to buy the books unless you want to). Although we hadn’t much debt to work off when we married (I’m from the UK so university wasn’t so dear for me) the ideas for building an emergency fund etc. are really excellent and lots of bloggers have blogged their way through their journeys so there’s lots of excellent resources for you. Good luck with your journey.

  2. The book Simplicity Parenting looks very interesting. I was just listening to a talk that was about how too many choices and options does not make people happier. I’d love to hear how you play out the concepts of this book during your year.

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