Daybook {12 Jan}


Good Monday evening all! I’m changing up my normal daybook posts a little by adding in a few more categories. Also I’m going to be linking up with The Simple Woman’s Blog (and hope to get this done every week – it really does give me a space to unload just the randomness that floats around in my mind)

Outside my window… A grey drippy day, has turned into a dark drippy night. But, the temperature is on the high side of “cold”, so that was nice. On the downside it was too wet for the kids to play outside.

I am praying…. For baby Felix // my little cousin Gabriel // my neighbor’s nephew, Jose, who suffered a brain aneurism over Christmas // safety of the family as we go about our daily life.

I am thinking…. About a jumble of personal photography projects I want to do and how in the world I’m going to balance that with all the blog projects I want to do. And also how I’m going to get the blog for my dad’s company reorganized…. blogging on the brain today. 🙂

I am thankful…. for Jared taking care of kitchen clean up after a cupcake filled dinner/birthday party that included 5 of my 6 siblings, my parents, one of the kids’ cousins, and a soon to be sister in law (plus us six)… Just a normal family get together.

I am wearing…. my fuzzy black sleeping pants, fuzzy hot pink bathrobe, and my fuzzy red and white Christmas socks. 😀

I am creating (have created)…. {artwork}

beer bottlessmall

I am going…. to try to make more high-key images (basically lighter)… in looking at a lot of my photos, I notice they tend to lean towards the darker, not sure why, but they do, and I’d really love to change that to lighter, since I love the simplicity, openness, hope, etc.. that they convey.

I am wondering….if it will even be possible for me to finish a library book that MUST be returned tomorrow {probably not}, or if I should eat the $0.10 fine and try to finish it by Wednesday.

I am hoping…. To get Pope Francis’ “New Years” resolutions at least written out and hung up somewhere in the school room/dining room, so that we remember to work on them all the time.

I am learning…. To be better organized in my time? Ermmmm… sorta. I was doing well today until I started working on the company blog, then the day started running away too fast.

But I kinda sorta caught some of it back this evening when I managed to get the kitchen cleaned up right after dinner, down to cleaning the sink a little more than usual.

So maybe I’m reaffirming that: Just taking care of things (i.e. the after-dinner clean up) right away is better than doing it “later”. I know this on many levels, but it still kinda wows me when I realize it’s true. So still learning it 🙂

Around the house…. Christmas Tree was taken down, a few remaining decorations. Now I am trying to decide what to do with the space:


I had decided before Christmas that I wanted to turn this room into an additional sitting/reading room. It has the front door and the stairway in it, so it’s a little tricky. It’s too big for a front entry and too small for a real living room and there is almost no wall space (that bit in the corner is about it).

Gah!! It looks so…. empty and icky with all that white. (the falling apart shelves don’t help either). Home Decorating Intervention Help Needed STAT!

In the kitchen…. I have the weekly menu up over here

I am pondering… how I come across in my way of talking to the kids. So often I feel that there are too many commands/no’s/or just distracted talking to them in general. And I get to the end of the day and realize that there hasn’t been any sort of conversation (granted they’re 5 and under, so the conversation will only be so much, but still…)

A favorite quote….

The beautiful is as useful as the useful… More so, perhaps

~ Victor Hugo, Les Mis.

I am reading…. Les Mis; The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty (this is the library book in question)

One of my favorite things….


A few plans for the week…. Follow up visit to the endocrinologist for myself, 3-year check up for Karl, library trip to return the books, put away Christmas decorations 🙂

A peek into one of my days….

him not napping in bed is a fairly regular occurance
him not napping in bed is a fairly regular occurance


I *think* I got all the categories. Now it’s off to bed.

~Ruth Anne