Karl is 3! {p,h,f,r}

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This post here is going to celebrate Karl’s third birthday party.
Sometimes I feel like he gets a little lost in the shuffle of things, seeing as how he’s the youngest of the older kids, but not actually the baby anymore. And I think he feels it, even if he can’t articulate it. He’s definitely been acting out WAY more. I’ve been trying to show him a little extra attention, but I don’t feel that it helps with the meltdowns and acting out. I mean, he definitely seems to appreciate the extra attention, but he still has more *moments* than I know what to do with.

Anyways, here’s hoping to a better 4th year 🙂





Honestly, I can’t tell you how happy this little guy was to finally have a birthday. He waited through about five actual birthday parties, plus the excitement/celebrations of New Baby, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years (none of which were specially his). The low point came at my niece’s birthday where he was sitting right in front of the cupcakes, they were lit, and he was told they weren’t his. The disappointment at that point quite literally broke my heart. He didn’t cry, but he was just about to. And if he had it would have been those huge crocodile super sad tears.

I was crying as I looked through these pictures again.



When we went to the store last week, I had him pick out which sprinkles he would like to use. He picked the patriotic ones. I also made sure to let him put them on the cupcakes however he wanted.


He was so excited to get the candles lit. He was pointing out to Uncle Simon to “get the light thing” (lighter). Then he proceeded to stick his face mere inches from the candles… I guess to make sure they were properly lit (?).

And then he blew them out, at one point he was taken aback because he caught a backdraft of smoke in his face 🙂


And then did he eat!

I’m not sure, but I think he managed four before we stopped him. He has the best eating faces. He is so intense and so focused!


I think I’m just totally in love with this picture ❤


Here’s to you little man! I hope this year brings us closer together and helps you find your place in our family. I’ll try to keep getting you some more intentional “mommy and me” time. I Love You!