Embrace the Ordinary {Vol. 1}

I keep hearing, in all manner of random places about slowing down, and seeing what’s right in front of you. I feel like I have been spinning around in circles the last few months, there’s just been SO much going on… but even though I’ve stopped spinning, the room around me still feels like its unsteady (you know, like a toddler right after he stops spinning he’s still stumbles around until he gets his equilibrium back…. that’s where I’m at… still stumbling…)


I’ve seen Gina’s post on Embracing the Ordinary before, but I’ve never linked up. I thought I’d do a little run down of our pretty ordinary week. And try to add it pictures if I have them (I didn’t decide to do this post until…. today…. so I wasn’t totally taking pictures for it, but I’m sure I can come up with some).

Maybe this will help me to focus on what my life is right now, instead of trying to make it something that its not? Anyways. The week.

First before I forget: Katherine’s cardiologist appointment from last week turned up good. The hole on her heart is still there, still full of tissue that appears to be trying to close. Still dilated on the left side (the same measurement as a year ago), but her heart is overall bigger, it’s grown with her, which make the ratio smaller (?) to a Z value of 3. So that’s good… I just keep praying that it closes up on its own.


We made it to Mass, always a good thing


Katherine spent some time in her own little world… not sure what the project d’jour was, but she was involved in it

IMG_4033This little man insisted with helping with dinner. He had an exciting week, turned 3, and had his annual physical, which he sorta cooperated with.



 (click that photo if you’d like to see a photo post from his party)


IMG_4037 We finally got around to taking photos of Katherine in the Christmas dress my grandmother made for her.

detail shots
detail shots

Real life:


I had her put her hands over her tummy, so as to cover up Ariel… she really didn’t understand why… because she really just wanted Ariel to be seen. On the day I took this I didn’t want to see the sticker, but now I’m glad I got one of her not covering it. She’ll be happy. And she keeps wearing the dress even though it’s not Christmas. Which is fine. It won’t fit her next year.

This lil guy decided he was going to start getting teeth! Teeth! At a mere two and a half months old. They’re just, just starting to show through the gum lines so they aren’t up yet, but…. this is far and away the earliest any of my kids have even started thinking about getting teeth.


And some nights…

IMG_4034… we just use mom’s phone to take pictures of random things in our bedrooms instead of going to bed.

Top left: my hair do, made up by Katherine (photo: Katherine)
Top Right: The Pony(ies) (photo: Katherine)
Bottom left: The clock (photo: John)
Bottom right: Mama’s crown + hairdresser (photo: selfie by Mama)

I think this about sums up our almost ordinary week, minus the cardiologist and the birthday party, this is spot on!

~Ruth Anne


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