Being your mother

Being Your Mother

A few weeks back I happened upon a post by Becca @ Three Plus Me Blog. It’s the beginning of a series of letters she will be writing to her newborn daughter (after having two boys). She invites anyone else who would like to join in to do it as well. I initially fully intended to get a post done and keep up with it, but I haven’t so far written anything.

But, I’ve not been able to stop thinking about it…. Becca’s writing every week. I don’t know if I can realistically hold myself to that. But maybe… once a month?

To be honest, the first few years weren’t that much different (boy/girl). You’ve got some pretty emotional brothers though, so… It’s really only been the last year or so that you, my dear little one have turned into a girl-y girl.

I don’t count myself as knowing how to be a mommy to a girl-y girl. I wasn’t one when I was growing up. The thought of wearing dresses was almost repulsive. I can almost remember foot-stomping around because I had to wear one… But my memory says I was about 6 or 7, so perhaps that isn’t quite accurate. Nevertheless, I still didn’t care for dresses. Although I did have a pair of black click-y shoes which I liked (they disappeared out of the yard one day though, so that was the end of the click-y shoes).

I really don’t recall ever being into princesses and dolls. I really, really, didn’t like the color pink. All those things you LOVE right now? I would hardly go near when I was little.

Over the last week, we’ve spent a few evenings after you’ve “gone to bed” with you brushing my hair. You’ve got some sort of story that’s going on… Something about me wearing a bracelet for Mimi’s wedding {in August} and having Leia-buns. You’ll go on and on, just like a hair stylist. In fact you straight up asked me a few nights ago “So, how’s the baby?”

I have a feeling that this is important time to spend together because Sunday, when you were having a rough afternoon and had been sent to have a quiet time in your room, you called for me. I came upstairs, asked what you needed and you said “I just haven’t talked to you all day”.

If there’s one thing I want to make sure happens with you, it’s that I know you and you know me, and you can talk to me. I’m not saying we have to be best friends (because honestly I don’t think that’s the smartest parenting move in the world), but I would love for us not to be strangers. I didn’t really get to know my mom until after you were born. I was 23. Twenty-three years is too long to not know someone that important. So I will try my hardest to not let it happen to us. Even if it means I have to learn how to be a 5-year-old girl-y girl 😉

Love, Mama

P.S. Thanks again Becca, for starting this!

2 thoughts on “Being your mother

  1. Aww I love this. Thanks for the shout out and for writing this. Sometimes i feel as if daughters dont get to really know their mothers until after they themselves have a daughter. I am so excited to read the rest if this series of posts because five years old is the magicial age 🙂

  2. Dear Ruth Anne,

    Interesting blog. Katherine seems so different from you! I’m glad you’re writing to her, but don’t hold yourself to a tight schedule of writing. You’ve got so many different blogs going already.

    I think the most significant thing you said was, “I’m not saying we have to be best friends, but I would love for us not to be strangers.” You are right to say that being best friends is not the best parenting move.

    Yes, you were not a girly-girl, but you certainly are a womanly-woman. You are not a Barbie-doll woman. You’re a real woman, striving to be a Biblical woman.



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