Embrace the Ordinary {Vol. 2}

I really had wanted to get this post up yesterday… but that just didn’t happen. No reason in particular, just didn’t happen.

This last week has been weird. A good weird. But still, just different, especially Friday. I can’t really put my finger on it, but for some reason little things that usually would bug me, didn’t bug me.

Cooking collage

Things still didn’t always go according to plan, but it really wasn’t a problem. I even managed to let the kids help make muddy buddy’s and it didn’t bug me. Even when Karl stuck his foot in the bowl and tipped half of them out… onto the floor…

I think part of what has happened is, I’ve finally been able to settle into a routine of not going to work. I know that sounds strange since I haven’t been working since late August last year, but since then: I’ve recovered from eye surgery, had my final exhausting month of pregnancy, had a baby, spent two and a half weeks in NICU, got home, had ThanksgivingAdventChristmas, and now finally, I’m becoming used to being at home with there being relatively not much else going on.


I guess I’ve been getting myself to learn that not everything has to happen right away. We don’t have to make the muddy buddy’s in the 15 minutes is says on the back of the box… which is good because it took us about 45 minutes, then there was the clean up part…

helping at Aldis

Katherine wanted to help bag the groceries at the store. Do you know how long it takes for a 5-year-old to bag groceries? But, it didn’t make me antsy to get going. I helped her do one bag (that’s all she wanted to do) and that was that. She was happy, I was happy to see her happy.

I feel like I have to keep relearning this lesson. Every. Single. Day. And lots of times I don’t remember it. But truly the days I do turn out so much better.

motherson And for your viewing pleasure, Zaky baby sitting in my old highchair for Saturday morning breakfast at Grandma’s.
~Ruth Anne


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