Daybook {26 Jan}


Outside my window… The beginnings of a blizzard. “Record breaking” according to the weather channel.

I am praying…. For baby Felix // my little cousin Gabriel // my neighbor’s nephew, Jose, who suffered a brain aneurism over Christmas // safety of the family as we go about our daily life // for this blizzard that we would remain safe and have power.

I am thinking…. mostly about the blizzard (I’m hashtagging on IG #hfnblizzard2015 if you want to follow along there)

I am thankful…. for a warm house, full fridge, kiddos, family, photography

I am wearing…. my fuzzy black sleeping pants, dark blue Old Navy sweatshirt, gray socks, red-ish shirt. Comfy clothes.

I am creating….


This afgan for Jared, but I’ve gotten a little further than this picture.

A crochet doily for Katherine’s table. She picked the pattern, I’ve gotten a few rounds into it.


I am going…. no where for the next few days! Yay! Unfortunately I realized that for the most part I don’t really go anywhere during the week unless there’s a doctors appointment…. so I’m thinking it’s not going to be much different than normal. *shrugs shoulders*

I am wondering…. seriously, how much snow we really will get.

I am hoping…. To continue my streak of not “hurrying up” or “rushing to get things done” (see previous post)

I am learning…. to do it ^ better

Around the house…. I wrote this cleaning schedule into my “schedule calendar”, and while I can’t say that it’s actually happened even close to what is written, I’ve become a little more conscious of what actually needs to happen in the house cleaning-wise and have made a *little* more effort to tackle it. (It definitely helps if Jared takes the computer to work….)

Also, I cleaned/organized the visible part of my bedroom, and have managed to keep it that way for the last week… so nice. I’m hoping to keep it that way, so I have at least one clutter free space in the house to let my mind relax. 🙂

In the kitchen…. banana bread for tomorrow morning’s breakfast is done already #feelingaccomplished. Roast chicken with bacon tomorrow night…. and maybe some cookies tomorrow sometime too….

After that:
Wednesday – Swedish meatballs
Thursday – Pot Roast
Friday – I don’t remember… which means I probably didn’t plan Saturday either.

I am pondering… marriage. my role in our marriage. what could be better about our marriage. how I could improve myself…. (how not fun it is to try to work on *me*)….

A favorite quote….

Mommy, I didn’t know snow could balance on trees

~ Katherine, on seeing snow stuck to the trees

I am reading…. Les Mis; my catechism; Bel Canto LP: A Novel by Ann Patchett; I’ll pretend that I didn’t start Pope Awesome and Other Stories by Cari Donaldson

One of my favorite things….

IMG_4358coffee and pretty table cloths

A few plans for the week…. A birthday party that Katherine was invited to on Saturday. Other than that nothing. Juno is taking care of Tuesday and Wednesday. And my mom is working all the other days, so she isn’t coming to watch the kids, and I’m not one to just run errands with them (99% of the time I wait until someone can watch them before I go anywhere, especially with a lot of ins-and-outs of the car)

A peek into one of my days…. Really the last post (which I linked to above) is pretty much a normal day for me. Wake up, coffee, eat, clean, eat, read, make dinner, eat, put kids to bed, computer time, go to bed myself (with kids along for the entire day)… those are my days 🙂


~Ruth Anne

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